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Tomato-Apple-Rosemary Jam

Tomato-Apple-Rosemary Jam
Member's Recipe


  • Apples need to be peeled and cored and sliced very thinly. I used a mandolin for that that made this task really easy. Also have the lemons juiced and put in a non reactive pan together with the apples so that they do not discolour. Tomatoes need to have their skin removed and so they are crossed with a knife and blanced in boiling water for a few seconds to make peeling them off a breeze. Then they are cut in half, have the seeds and water removed and chopped in smaller pieces and have them drain in a collander. Add them with the apples, sugar and rosemary and let them boil softly for a few minutes for sugar to melt, stirring quite a lot. Transfer it to a glass conteiner and cover it and keep it in the fridge for the night.
  • Next day remove from the fridge, put in a nonreactive pan, remove the rosemary springs and start simmering in low heat making sure you skim off the foam. Also make sure you stir often cause especially the apples can stick to the bottom and make a mess of the whole thing. Continue to boil till apples loose their colour. When that happens remove the fruit and let the syrup boil till it gets to 96 Celcious. Add the fruit and boil for a few more minutes for the whole thing to reach that temperature. Transfer in clean jars and let them cool upside down.
  • Then you can store them in the fridge or sterilize the jam and keep it in a cabinet.
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