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Cheese Rolls

Cheese Rolls
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  1. The planning comes to play. Dough needs about an hour and a half to rise. So.. you have to plan ahead depending when you want to serve it cause it is better when it comes out of the pan. If you want to make it for breakfast it is advisable to prepare the dough the previous night and let it stay in the fridge covered in a bowl. It will continue to rise but not so much and will be ready and mature the next morning. If you want it for a late night snack you can prepare it when you are back from work but think that is the last thing you want to do... Anyway... Making the dough is easy. A few things to keep in mind. A dough is a living thing and as such you have to respect its needs. So.. what is dough and why it increases it's size.. Well, the yeast you use is actually little bugs that eat and eat and eat and excriment. What do they eat? well, the easy thing for them to eat in the beginning is the sugar that you add. Then they start eating the maltose from the flour.. And why the dough builds in size? well it is because the little buggers create carbon dioxide as a byproduct of their metabolism and that gas is what makes the dough expand. Now, as a living organism the yeast needs some optimal conditions to grow. And by that i mean the temperature and food. If the water used is too hot it will kill the bugs.. if too cold it will not help the bugs grow well.. so, best have the water at body temp...
  2. Take the tepid water, add the sugar and the yeast and let it bubble for a bit.
  3. In another container have the flour and the salt...
  4. Add the water/sugar/yeast mixture and start kneading.. Knead for 10 minutes, knocking, banging bashing the dough. Dough must come out looking elastic and shiny and ready..
  5. Many people think that kneading is hard. Well, kneading 500g or flour is not hard and it takes little time and it is VERY theraputic. Also do not worry about how to knead. It is something that it is almost inherited in our DNA and pretty soon you will feel so natural about it. Just let yourself go... Get in a trans state almost and enjoy it all.. After the dough is ready and it may need a spoonful or two of extra four but not so much more, store it until it doubles it's size for 40 minutes or so. After that put it in the fridge and let it there all night. it will continue to grow more slowly. Next day remove the dough from the fridge for 30 minutes before frying.
  6. In a bowl mix the cheese and the herbs and cut little pieces of dough, flatten them in your hand and put some cheese in them. Close them and make sure the seal is tight... Then fry them in olive oil or any other cooking oil you use turning them over till they are golden brown in color.. put them on some kitchen paper to remove the exes oil and you are good to go...
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