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Akis Petretzikis issue No2 | Fall 2017

How many times have we seen Akis Petretzikis in his kitchen? “Billions” you will answer! But each time he finds a way to impress us by creating the most delicious, imaginative recipes! This time, in order to fulfill the needs of the magazine “Akis Petretzikis”, by Attikes Publishing on the 12th of October, he decided to “experiment” with the flavors and aromas of fall in order to create unique recipes that can be enjoyed any time of day.

So, when you take this specific issue into your hands, you will have the chance to start off your day with scrumptious breakfasts that have been inspired from each area of Greece. Discover the power (and flavor!) of superfoods and add them to your diet in different – but always delicious – ways. Play with apples by arranging amazing sweet and savory creations and travel till the ends of the earth to find homemade pies that have come from 10 places around the world! Also, by flipping through the pages of the fall issue of the magazine “Akis Petretzikis” you will be able to (finally!) take a new look at beans in order to create sensational snacks in just 15 minutes!

And if you think that the surprises end here, you are very much mistaken! Because apart from these recipes, you will find many more (I almost forgot the recipe for the most delicious butter croissant that can be enjoyed in five different ways – amongst them there is also an unforgettable white chocolate crème patisserie), that can lead you to the kitchen happily and keep you company with even more pleasure at the dinner table! ;-)

All this of course could only be accompanied by useful tips and techniques to help you become even more amazing in the kitchen! From what to buy and where to even more cooking secrets for both experts or novices, but – above all – for those who love good food!


On the 12th of October, at all kiosks… it’s a date!

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