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Akis Petretzikis Issue no. 6 - Fall 2018

The season calls for comfort food and Akis Petretzikis invites us to fill our kitchen with goods that are brought by the fall and to create with these some delicious, homemade treats. So, we get into the kitchen and…

> We make healthy soups instantly!

> We play with apples and enjoy them in five different (and always delicious) recipes.

> We create tarts and cakes -sweet and savory- with fall’s fruits. We discover how much power is hidden in nature’s fruits, and supply our body with their valuable nutrients.

> We get into some unique Italian recipes and create playful snacks for the kids.

> We talk about beans (what do you mean «no one eats them at home»? If you cook them as we suggest, everyone will eat them!) and place the grill…on heat.

> Lastly, we cook four different meals for Sunday lunch, by already having in mind what we could do with the leftovers. Technically, we cook…in advance, providing some more free time for ourselves within the week.  

And like that, another interesting season of the year begins, which -through the pages of the particular magazine- can (apart from interesting) become very tasty, too!

At all kiosks…. Friday, the 26th of October… it’s a date!

You can also get this magazine issue from Find ithere!