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March 29, 2016
10 Dairy Free Desserts You Will Adore!

Yes, fasting is a period of willing abstinence, devoutness and cleansing. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy sweets and desserts suitable for fasting. They are just as delicious as regular dessert even though they don’t contain any milk, eggs and butter. And the best part of all… they have less calories!


You could even call them vegetarian recipes! So whether you are a vegetarian, want to go dairy free, you are fasting or just want to eat healthier and lighter… you can enjoy them! They may even become your new favorites!


Besides, who would turn down some nutritious oatmeal bars, dairy free cakes and sweetbreads or a wonderfully delicious and super easy to make dairy free apple pie.


These desserts are so good you may not ever want to stop fasting!  


Let’s begin!


1.     Vegetarian Sweetbread


This time of fasting always brings to mind more traditional moments and memories of mother or grandmother in the kitchen making all sorts of goodies… 


What could be more traditional in taste, smell and appearance… than a freshly baked… steaming hot…  sweetbread??!!


Homemade…. with the aromas of mahlab and mastic…. sprinkled with almond slivers…. Ooooh! I think that even a great bakery would be jealous of the quality of taste!


Νηστίσιμα Τσουρέκια


2.     Halvah Filled Sweetbread


 This is very special kind of sweetbread that will really impress everyone! It is filled with apple, vanilla halvah, nuts and topped with melted white chocolate couverture! It’s a dream!


Τσουρέκι με χαλβά


3. Greek Halvah 


Everyone’s favorite classic dessert! A truly delicious sweet, in any of its many variations. It is disputed where it originated and it is no wonder that so many different cultures want to claim it as their own.


The recipe I’m sharing with you is an authentic soft semolina halvah, full of rich aromas and a full taste. It will become your favorite for any time of the year!


Χαλβάς Σιμιγδαλένιος


4.     Halvah Jelly or Halvah Farsalon 


A different version of the Halvah that is like jelly! It is another favorite and is usually made this time of year for Lent…. often found in many of the fairs all over Greece. I’ve tried to make the recipe as easy as possible for everyone to make it at home!


Χαλβάς Φαρσάλων


5.     Nuts and Orange Oat Bars


 A healthy, light and scrumptious choice! Oatmeal bars with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, honey and orange. Super quick and easy to make! They are perfect for breakfast or a quick snack that will keep your energy levels high. Offer them as little surprises for children because they will love them!


Μπάρες με βρώμη


6.    Chocolate Panforte


Another absolutely delightful sweet! It is an Italian treat from Tuscany. Panforte means “very strong bread” and true to its name, it was considered a type of superfood in the 13th century!


It is quite chewy in texture…. full of nuts, dried fruits, chocolate couverture lots of aromatics! So don’t miss the chance to get your fill of energy and deliciousness all in one!


Panforte με σοκολάτα


7. Dairy Free Apple Pie


A picture is worth a thousand words!


This is a very impressive dessert that is so easy to make even if you are a novice in the kitchen! No mixer necessary! Give your friends and family a real treat and they won’t believe it is dairy free and suitable for Lent since it will taste too good to be true!


Νηστίσιμη μηλόπιτα


8. Holiday Bread Wreath


This is the traditional Greek Easter bread that is typically made on Holy Thursday. It is a braided semi sweetbread full of walnuts, the aroma of anise with a bright red dyed egg placed in the center!




9. Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cake 


What a luscious creation this is! Fluffy and layered with a tahini and chocolate couverture filling that will blow you away!

It is easy to make and may very well become your all-time favorite! I’m sure you will start making it all year round!


10. Vegetarian Black Forest Cake 


A super decadent dessert for the grand finale! You won’t believe this one is vegetarian or dairy free either! 3 luscious layers of cake, with syrup, maple syrup, a sour cherry filling and a chocolate glaze over the top! I think it tastes even better than it sounds!


These desserts are a small oasis during this fasting period or generally if you like to keep a vegetarian or dairy free diet. It is important to satisfy that sweet tooth!  


Try making these recipes and please send me pictures of your favorites! You can find even more delicious recipes, both savory and sweet in my Special Diet section on my website. You can choose from gluten free, dairy free, lent or fasting, diet or sugar free!  



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