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February 11, 2016
12 Ingredients you can make at home!

Just imagine.. you are all ready to start making a recipe and you realize that you have all the necessary ingredients.. apart from one! I don’t mean flour or sugar but something a little more intricate…


Let’s say you feel like tiramisu and you have everything else but you don’t have lady fingers… or you feel like adding some caramel sauce over your fruit salad.. or you want to make your own peanut butter or hazelnut chocolate praline sauce… or your own dough to make a pie…


You may not have realized but we’ve got you covered! You can find all these recipes and more on our website!

So let’s begin!


1. Ladyfingers!​​



So you’re all ready to make a tiramisu… You don’t actually need to go out and get lady fingers since you can make them easily on your own! Follow these simple steps right here and you will be pleasantly surprised!


2. Marshmallows!



Make your own homemade marshmallows! Soft and chewy and perfect for a quick treat! Follow my step by step instructions right here!


3. Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Sauce



It’s a great filling for anything! From sandwich cookies to croissants to puff pastry… what sweet wouldn’t taste even better with some of this delicious sauce! Find the recipe here to make it all on your own!!


4. Peanut Butter



One of my favorite ingredients! I add it to cookies, bars, tarts and anything else I can imagine it would go nicely with! It is so very simple to make your own peanut butter… and the homemade version might be even tastier!! Try making the recipe here!


5. Caramel Butter Sauce



Drizzle over ice cream, fruits, tarts, dip your cookies in it and it’s perfect for decorating dishes with sweets. A caramel butter sauce should  always be handy! Try making your own by following the recipe here!


6. Sweet Tart Dough



Isn’t it great to have readymade dough for sweet tarts stored in your freezer?

When you need it… all you have to do is take it out of the freezer, place it in a tart dish and pop it in the oven! While it’s baking you can make a quick Crème Patisserie, cut up some fruit and you will have a delicious fruit tart in no time at all! You can also melt some chocolate, make a ganache and pour it over your tart to make it even tastier! Find the recipe here!


Let’s move on to the savory recipes now!


7. Homemade Gnocchi



Potato gnocchi… So handy to have some ready in the freezer… With a couple more very simple ingredients you can prepare a super tasty dish that will impress! Try surprising your significant other by casually asking… “Honey? Would you like me to whip up some gnocchi with basil pesto sauce and cream that I made all on my own?” Take my word for it! It will work wonderfully! Just follow the recipe here!


8. Pesto ala Genovese



I’ll say it again and again… Just add some basil pesto to any pasta and it will be instantly transformed! It can boost the flavor of anything you choose to join it with and can also be served as a tasty quick dip… Try making it by following the recipe here!


9. Homemade Soft Cheese



Perfect for pasta, appetizers and of course cheesecake!

I have the best homemade soft cheese for you! Keep it in the refrigerator and use it whenever and wherever! You can even give it away as presents to friends.. They will be very grateful for such a special treat you made all on your own! Make some today by following the recipe here!


10. Savory Tart Dough  



Store this savory tart dough right next to the sweet tart dough in the freezer and have your pick any day of the week!

If friends pop in for an unexpected visit you will be so happy you made them earlier on and had them all ready! Simply add some cheese, eggs and whatever else you have in the refrigerator and your savory tart is ready!!

You will thank me! Just follow my instructions here!


11. Homemade Ricotta or Anthotyro Cheese



Such a quick and easy homemade cheese… Add it to your salads, cheese pies, a snack for the kids or yourself since it has no fat but a lot of taste!

Try making on your own right here!


12. Greek Pita Bread



What can I tell you about this great pita bread?

It’s so versatile! Goes with anything! You can make a souvlaki, serve with dips or create a quick pita pizza or sandwiches. Warm and delicious and no one will believe you made it all on your own!

Make a whole bunch and store them so you can use them any time you want! Try making the recipe here!


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