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May 31, 2016
13+1 Light recipes to give a warm welcome to Summer!

Summer is on its way! The sun is shining, vacation time is peeking from around the corner, all winter clothes are getting packed away and of course we are all surfing the internet for light recipes!

Even those of us who do not want to make a drastic change in their diet and don’t necessarily want to follow any specific diet to help us lose weight… We all like and try to add some light meals in our diet that are quick and easy to make.

The truth is that the way we cook plays a big role in this process. We have to try to reduce our oil intake, try to measure the amount added, avoid fried foods, add more fish in to our weekly diet plan and generally try to choose the ingredients added, more carefully. We also need to watch snacking and try to consume lots and lots of salads. With just a little imagination and creativity, we can make them tastier and more irresistible than ever!

I would like to stress the word “imagination” here, because this is something that is needed when all of our nutritional needs have to be combined and planned according to our daily routines. A little juggling act if you will!

What I usually do, is to save recipes that I find interesting so that I can pick and choose at any time, according to how much time I have or what I am in the mood to eat! I find that this really helps. That’s why I thought I could offer some ideas, to help create your own “menu” full of light recipes and pick the one you want, whenever you want.

Below you will find…

Great ideas for lunch at work, afternoon or evening muchies, something to snack on at the beach, breakfast and of course for the main course of the day, which should NOT be tasteless or boring under ANY circumstances! Just light…

For breakfast and snacks…


No Bake Chocolate and Nuts Oatmeal Bars 


Tahini Honey Chocolate Nut Cereal Bars


Nuts and Oats Bars


Tahini Coated Sourdough Focaccia​


Looking for something to pack for lunch at work? Salads! Bright, filling, quick and easy…


Avocado and Bean Salad​


Grilled Zucchini Salad


Spinach Lentil and Feta Cheese Salad


Quinoa Salad


Let’s take a look at some main courses…


Veggie Burgers​


Crazy Water Flounder


Aromatic Summer Risotto


Teriyaki Rosemary Skewered Chicken


Light Burger


Salmon Saute with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes


I hope I’ve gotten your appetite going! If you are in a state of “red alert” do to the fact that summer is right around the corner… drop by my website where you will find many, many recipes that you will definitely find interesting!

Hope to see you there soon! Feel free to add your comments or share any recipes of your own that you really like!




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