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July 30, 2018
3 cocktails will turn you into the best barman!

It’s impossible to have a summer without any cocktails. Is it? No! So, to celebrate this summer I have three amazing cocktail recipes for you that you will never be able to forget. Before sharing them though, I’m going to give you some additional advice on how to become better… bartenders – not just for this summer, but for every summer!

Say YES to fresh fruits! Maybe fruit juices are the easy option, but the best one is fresh fruits. Pick the best using the muddler and beat them along with alcohol. Thus, their flavor and aroma will be combined and you will have the best possible result.

Bring ice into the game. Choose crushed ice, which is the key for a smoother, more velvety texture. To get this texture, you must try different mixes until you find the one you like the most. The only thing you are going to need is a good blender.

Experiment! Try new combinations, play with the portions and use your imagination. Combining the ingredients can be a matter of “art” but it also a matter of taste!

You can find three amazing recipes to create unique homemade cocktails – different from the ones you are used to. Trust them and they will not fail you!

Yogurt cocktail

Yogurt cocktail

Cocktail popsicle

Cocktail popsicle

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

What will you need?

The right ingredients are the alpha and omega, but the necessary tools are also important to create and serve an impressive cocktail. So, what tools should you have in your pantries or kitchen drawer to be always prepared?

  • A muddler to mash fruits and vegetables.
  • A mixing glass with a shaker to mix the drinks.
  • Jiggers. Find these double cone-shaped jiggers that can help you easily, quickly and effectively control quantities in a quick and effective manner.
  • A cocktail strainer. A simple strainer will be just as good, but if you want something more… professional, then a cocktail strainer is what you are looking for.
  • A blender. A simple multi-blender will do fine. But if you want to be fully equipped and if you want to spend quite a few of your summer nights enjoying your favorite cocktails, then a good blender will be an excellent investment.

And what about the glasses?

The most important part may be creating a cocktail, but the way you serve it plays an equally important part. A nice glass and everything else (pieces of fresh fruits, little umbrellas, straws etc.) are all that you need to make your creation perfect in taste and in appearance. You will find some of the most common glasses below, along with a few words detailing where each one is used.

Ποτήρια για κοκτέιλ

Highball: Due to its size, this glass is ideal for the heartiest cocktails. It’s not simple. Using the extra decorative aces that you have up your sleeve (little umbrellas etc.) you can transform your cocktail in a “blockbuster” cocktail!

Balloon: This glass is perfect for brandy, because its narrow part on top captures the aromas of the drinks. You definitely won’t need it to serve your cocktails, but it is good to have it around.

Martini Glass: Its name says it all about its basic property (it is a glass ideal for a Martini), but it is also used for countless cocktails.

Cocktail Glass: Daquiri or margarita? Whichever of the two you choose to make, you should serve it in this glass.

Hurricane: It is often used for cocktails, but never without the necessary decoration – pineapple pieces, multicolored umbrellas, maraschino, flags and anything else you can think of.


Do you know something? I can’t wait to see your “blockbuster” cocktails! Don’t forget to send me photos. But make sure to mention the place in which you are enjoying your cocktails :-) 

Have a great summer!


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