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December 19, 2018
4 ideas for the decoration of the festive table

We thought of what to cook, learned how to serve our wine correctly, prepared the most delicious Greek honey cookies – melomakarona and ended up to the gifts that we will give to our loved ones. Only one thing is left in order to organize the festive feast in detail. Which is that? The table’s decoration! The tableware in which not only our guests but also we will enjoy all the holiday delicacies, and the general “ambiance” that we want for it to have.

In the following lines, I prepared four different proposals that we could use not just for the decoration of the festive table, but also for the decoration of any kind of family, friendly or…romantic lunch or dinner. Why? Because they are beautiful, special, but at the same time very simple. They focus more on tableware and less on other decorative elements. Our goal? To not load our table with many decorations, but to leave enough free space for our foods! A stop at Soul Kitchen Store and at was enough to find everything that I needed in order to compose…

Table's decoration

A black & white setting. The black and white tableware is the ideal background for our foods and they are wonderfully combined with this black cutlery. The color of our table (apart from the foods) is also given by a few branches of mistletoe, while if we want, we can use some simple festive elements like e.g. some stars with which we can decorate our cloth napkins, but also a beautiful runner or tablecloth in white or grey shades.

Table's decoration

A table with an ethnic tone. Earthy shades are starring and creating a winter scenery. Yes, it might not look so festive, but it creates a warm ambiance, appropriate for any season of the year. Moreover, the festive element could be integrated by the foods that will fill our table.

Table's decoration

A table full of glow. You do not want to deny the holidays’ glow? Then, add some gold details to your decoration and invest in a set with more special plates that you will be able to use any other day of the year. Lastly, use a few more Christmas elements, like e.g. a table runner with a festive pattern, some baubles, but also a few fir tree branches which you can tie to your cloth napkins with twine.

Table's decoration

A more natural scenery. Use plates in more natural shades and textures, and keep the tones rather “quiet” regarding the remaining decorations of our table. A “discrete” tablecloth, cloth napkins in pastel shades, some fully green branches, but also a few ornaments made of natural materials (e.g. wood, cord, etc.) is everything that we will need.

Of course, there are countless ways in which someone can decorate his/ her table. At the company Soul Kitchen and at, you will find everything that you need in order to create your own special scenery. I, as you see, chose my own favorites. Apart from those, however, I can’t wait to fill my table with the traditional festive, homemade treats! Of course, I can’t wait to see your own festive table, which I am sure that it will be wonderful. It will be wonderful simply because there will be your favorite people around it :-)


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