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September 9, 2017
5 ways to make your!

Don’t hurry to answer.. Why? Very simply because until today you knew the traditional, scrumptious Greek bagel from Thessaloniki – I’ve given you the super recipe here

It’s a bagel that you can enjoy any time of day, combining it with various ingredients, taking its already amazing taste to new heights! What do I mean?

You can for instance cut it in half, spread some cream cheese on it and top it with turkey slices!

You can make an alternative grilled ham and cheese…

Fill it with fresh salmon, yogurt and herbs….

Give it a more traditional filling, with feta, grated tomato, olive oil and some oregano or basil.

You can even add some tahini, marmalade, a homemade Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Spread or a special Cheese Spread with Nuts.

These are some simple ways to enjoy your Greek bagel. It’s all a matter of imagination! When you have a great base, you can create countless varieties like fortifying the dough with raisins or chocolate chips, your favorite herbs, pieces of olives and sun dried tomatoes, even some grated feta cheese that won’t be found in the center of the bagel… but inside it. Don’t ever be afraid to experiment and dare to try new things! In this way you can create your Greek bagels with simple, everyday ingredients any time you like!

Dedicate a little bit of your time to prepare them during the weekend so that you can enjoy them the rest of the week. You see, this particular, much loved snack can accompany both children and adults to the office, to school… anywhere and any time of day.  The secret to keeping them fresh is to knead them, give them their classic round shape and… put them in the freezer before you bake them! Each time you want a nice, fresh, aromatic bagel… all you have to do is take it out of the freezer, put it in the oven to bake it and give it its lovely golden brown color.

Delicious, simple and absolutely.. wonderful! And don’t forget… I’ll be waiting for your pictures and handmade Greek bagels. I’m so curious to see what you are going to choose to fill them with….  ;-)


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