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May 24, 2017
70 years of Kenwood

There are some people who have really supported me over the years.

One of  these people is my good friend Pierros Stevolemos, Marketing Director of De'Longhi Kenwood Hellas. Ever since I completed Master Chef he has provided me with any kitchen appliances I needed to equip Kitchen Lab, for my videos and to test my recipes without questions and with much love, always…

For 6 years now, the name Kenwood is synonymous with exceptional products that have never given me any trouble as well as a caring and love that still leaves me speechless.

This year, the company is celebrating its 70th year and I thought it would be nice to make a small presentation for you..

First of all, it really blew me away to learn that the name Kenwood is actually the name of the founder of the company… Ken Wood (Kenneth Wood) was born in London in 1916. His grandfather was a mega pastry chef and the company that had taken England and Canada by storm, all began in his home kitchen. Ken went to the navy at 14, then, attended night school to learn accounting (like me) and then went on to learn electrical engineering.

He was a man with a vision and a business mind. He created a company whose first product was a toaster. The uniqueness of this product was that it could toast both sides of the bread without any help from the user. It was quite revolutionary for its time!

More and more products were created that were a real help for women to prepare their food daily. The timing was perfect because it was just after the Second World War when women had entered the work field and their time was valuable.

In 1950 Kenwood made another revolutionary creation with the Chef kitchen appliance, which made its first appearance at the Ideal Homes Trade Show in London. Harrods sold out of this appliance in just 1 week!  

Ken Wood left the company in 1968 but his interest in it remained up until his passing in 1997, at age 81; leaving behind him a company synonymous to quality and innovation. In 2001, Kenwood became a part of the De’Longhi Group, where it is still continuing its successful course by building high quality, innovative, durable products for the preparation of food.

You can find the company Facebook page to see all the older product ads and so much more that will give you a little glimpse of the past.. something I always enjoy doing…. I will keep looking and someday I will find that toaster.. the A100! I will put it in a special place at home so I can remember this man’s amazing story!

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