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February 11, 2016
Valentine’s Day

February 14! Valentine’s Day! The day we celebrate love!


A special day, that brings out different emotions for each of us. Some don’t like it, some look forward to spending time with their loved ones and others worry about finding smart and unique ideas that will impress their Valentine!


So I thought I could help you out, creating a special Valentine menu for 2! You can always double or triple the recipe and spend a wonderful Sunday with friends and fill them with a LOT of love!


You don’t necessarily have to keep the traditional red color that is usually preferred on this day, for your table setting! You can switch it up a bit and set up a lovely table using earth tones or vintage motifs that I’m sure will make a difference!


You can even make your own coasters, table runners and napkin holders just like I did!  I’m sure you will create a beautiful environment and table. All you need is imagination, creativity and of course… be in the mood for LOVE!


Table setting for Valentines Table


Let’s begin!  


For a sweet welcome: Raspberry Biscuit and Sweet Fresh Cheese Napoleons!


Raspberry Biscuit and Sweet Fresh Cheese Napoleons


A light and refreshing appetizer that is sure to start the evening off right! Serve it with a sparkling wine that suits the acidity of the fruit perfectly!

 First course: Beetroot Soup with Saffron and Orange!


Beetroot Soup


A wonderful, warm soup that will certainly stimulate the appetite! It is very aromatic and has a beautiful color… just right for the cold month of February! Serve it with a chilled bottle of fruity sparkling wine.


Entree: Chicken with Smoked Bacon and Carrot Puree!


Chicken with Smoked Bacon and Carrot Puree


A unique but simple dish that will impress! A red wine with lots of tannins would be a great choice for this dish! So go dry!


Dessert:  Pavlova Cheesecake!


Pavlova Cheesecake


Let me tell you that it is as delicious as it looks!! Share it with your Valentine… if they haven’t fallen for you yet… they are sure to fall now!! This dessert deserves to be served with your favorite sparkling wine!


And right about here is where I’ve shared all I can to help you prepare a very interesting, impressive, delicious and completely irresistible dinner…  the rest is up to you!! 


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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