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April 12, 2016
When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons… the least you can do is make lemonade!!!  


They say, when life gives you lemons… make lemonade. But I’m here to tell you… and show you… how to make SO much more than just lemonade! Are you ready?


This diary was inspired by a friend of mine who sent me a message telling me that she has so many fresh juicy lemons growing on her lemon trees in her garden and she doesn’t know what to do with them. She said “Akis! Give me some really good recipes to make with all of these  lemons… help me out!”. 


Lemons are definitely at their forte this time of year and if you are lucky enough to have friends or families with gardens or lemon trees you might be the lucky recipient of some all natural lemons, fresh off the tree!  


I told my friend to look on my website where I have recipes for almost any basic ingredient you could be looking for! I thought I’d help her out and look through them to tell her which ones she might like best and I was surprised to see that I have 3 pages full of recipes with lemons!!


I hadn’t realized there were so many! So I thought I would share my favorite ones with all of you!


I’d like to start off with an all-time favorite soup of mine that I really want you to try making!!  Carrot and Lemon Soup. Carrots are also in season now, giving the soup a rich flavor. It is a creamy, velvety and very appetizing soup!


Carrot and Lemon Soup


Lemon and Chicken Pilaf is next on the menu! A very quick and flavorful dish. Perfect when you really want to impress your guests but don’t have a lot of time to prepare dinner.


Lemon and Chicken Pilaf


How about something for breakfast? Slather some Orange and Lemon Marmalade over some fresh, crunchy, warm bread to really wake you up with an enjoyable zing!


Orange and Lemon Marmelade


Lemon Cardamom Cookies for a tasty snack or served with your coffee.


Lemon and Cardamon Cookies


 For a super double lemony treat try making this Lemon Cake with Lemon Cream! You can add the lemon cream as a filling, spread it over slices of cake or simply your cake in it! Any way you decide to serve it.. you won’t be able to get enough!


Lemon Cake with lemon Cream


Moving on to tarts! I have 2 tarts for you… A lusciously lemony Lemon Tart! and if you like more unique tastes.. try my Lemon Buttermilk Tart with Saffron…. your taste buds will thank you!


Lemon Tart


Lemon Buttermilk Tart


Since warm weather is on its way… refresh yourselves with a light and delicious Lemon Cheesecake… or if you want something even frostier… make some Lemon Popsicles!


Lemon Cheesecake


Lemon Posticles


For those of you who want a tasty, refreshing drink… I’ve got you covered with 3 Homemade Lemonades with a lot of flavor!

A Classic Lemonade, a Ginger Lemonade and a Mojito Lemonade. Invite your friends over and make all 3!


homemade lemonades


I hope you make these recipes and really enjoy them!

And remember, when life gives you lemons…. You can make all sorts of goodies!! 

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