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October 1, 2017
The most amazing desserts made with coffee

Black? With milk? With flavoring? Cappuccino, freddo, French, Greek? So many questions that we can go on for hours! The truth is that the choices we have for coffee are truly endless!

In honor International Coffee Day which is celebrated on October the 1st, I thought we could talk a little bit about coffee since it is really one of those little pleasures in life that keeps us company for many hours throughout the day. It wakes us up in the morning… It fills us with some added energy in the afternoon and at night, it is actually better not to consume too much, unless you want to stay up late. So many moments during the day are connected to coffee – especially when at the start!

And how could it not be when 400 billion times a year, someone, somewhere is making a coffee… This alone shows us how widespread coffee is throughout the world. It comes from Ethiopia, according to the specialists. Its name comes from the ancient Arabic word «qahwat al-būnn» which means «wine of the bean». From the depths of Africa, coffee traveled to the Arabic countries and then «crossed over» to Europe for a first appearance in the lovely city of Venice at the end of the 16th century.

There are two basic types of coffee: Coffee Arabica and Robusta Coffee. 78% of the world’s coffee production depends on Coffee Arabica and 22% depends on Robusta Coffee. Of course there are special blends that have been created to cover even the most demanding coffee lovers that want certain characteristics from the one and some from the other type of coffee… Apart from these blends, some others were also created… I am of course referring to those “combinations” that sweet lovers created in order to “steal” some of the aroma and intense flavor of coffee and “infuse” their sweets with it! A characteristic example is of course the famous Tiramisu. Its name comes from the Italian phrase «tira mi su» which means «lift me up high» or «uplift me». Coffee is the magic ingredient that transforms this specific sweet into a small “bomb” of energy and pleasure! Believe me this is not the only sweet that was “transformed” with the addition of coffee amongst its ingredients. Cakes, sweet breads, smoothies and endless varieties of goodies that offer us energy, sweetness and amazing flavor in each mouthful! For all of these reasons I prepared some of them for your enjoyment!


«Smart», magical recipes sprinkled with the spectacular properties of coffee… made especially for those who love its special flavor and aroma. Which of them will you try? Let me know what your taste buds think! I will be waiting for your pictures!



Coffee Truffles

Coffee Cake

Almond Coffee Cake

Coffee Sweet Bread

Banana Coffee Smoothie

Nutella Banana Espresso Smoothie

Coffee Granita

Chocolate Jelly with Coffee Creme Anglaise

Ζελέ σοκολάτας με κρέμα anglais

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