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January 29, 2016
Cooking with Flavored Salts!

A great way to really boost the flavors in any of your dishes is to use aromatic salts.


For those of you who don’t know what aromatic salts are.. they are salts that have been given the flavor and aroma of various herbs can really not compare with using regular salt!

You can make them on your own at home, quickly and easily! Simply use a little imagination and you can make any kind of aromatic salts you like! All you have to do is add some aromatic ingredients… from chili pepper flakes… to even green tea!


 I thought I’d recommend some of my favorite combinations for aromatic salts and the dishes you can use them on!


They also make exceptional gifts! You can make them and give them away as gifts to your guests after a lovely dinner party. 


The procedure you need to follow is quite simple. 


The basic ingredient of course, is salt. 200 g of coarse salt to be exact, since it looks much prettier in a dish and it has a much better texture than regular salt. You can even use salt flower! You can also use regular salt if you wish but keep in mind that you need to use a larger amount of aromatics since fine salt is much saltier that coarse salt!


The next step is to choose your aromatics! At this point simply let your imagination run free and make all sorts of combinations! You can use all sorts of flavorings… like pepper, paprika, rosemary, coriander, garlic, onion or even lemon, orange and green tea! It is imperative that the ingredients you choose to use are dry and finely chopped or ground!


Add all of your ingredients to a bowl and stir to distribute.


The next step is to make sure you store them properly in airtight jars. They have to remain sealed for at least 1 day to make sure the salt is properly flavored by the aromatics. As time goes by goes by the intense flavor will fade but you can use them for up to 1 year!



Let’s make some aromatic salt, shall we?


Your base is 200 g of salt.. don’t forget that!


If you would like to create a salt that has a fruitier flavor, then you can add the grated zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon. Let the zest dry off on some paper towels before adding it to the salt.

You can use this type of aromatic salt in chocolate tarts, grilled or baked fish and chicken. It’s always best to use the salt at the end of the cooking process so that your dish does not come out too salty!



To make a great salt for bbq’s with friends, you can add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 teaspoon of onion powder to your salt base. Sprinkle over the meat and expect amazing results! The best meats for bbq’s are chicken, pork and beef.



If you add 1 tablespoon of green tea and 2 sprigs of rosemary (only the leaves, finely chopped) to the salt base, you can use it to flavor chocolate desserts, grilled or baked fish, chicken, potatoes and of course lamb! Rosemary and lamb are the best of friends!



To add a fresh note to your dishes, add 2 tablespoons of finely chopped mint and the grated zest of 1 lime. This particular aromatic salt goes perfectly with any type of chocolate desserts, fruit salads, pasta salads, grilled or baked fish or on a variety of bruschetta’s along with some avocado!  You can even coat the rim of a drinking glass before serving a cocktail! A very characteristic example is the much loved Mojito!



For those who like a little spice… you can add 1 tablespoon of sweet paprika and ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper. The combinations for this type of salt are endless!

You can use it on roasts, pastas, eggs, potatoes, roast or sautéed chicken. Sprinkle it over popcorn.. you will love it!



I have an impressive aromatic salt for last! You will need a mortar and pestle to crush 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds and 1 teaspoon peppercorns. Finely chop 1 teaspoon dry thyme and add them all to your salt base.

You can use it in beef dishes, soups, stews, fried eggs, roasted vegetables and pastas!



For those of you who like really spicy dishes, add 1 tablespoon of chili peppers to the salt it will take on a whole new flavor!  Add it to soups and roasts.

Another great idea, which is also very impressive, is to sprinkle it over a platter full of sweet cheeses and drizzle with some honey!


A more unusual combination but trust me it’s worth trying, would be to coat the rim of a cocktail glass and fill it with a homemade frozen lemon margarita! Your cocktail will be a knock out!



I think I’ve given you quite a few ideas to get you started! I’ll be waiting to hear your favorite combinations and would love to see your pictures!


Take the time to make various combinations of aromatic salts and store them so you can use a different one each time you cook! You will be surprised to see what a big difference just a few flavored salts will do for your cooking! 

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