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December 21, 2015
Do it yourself Christmas Presents… that will steal the show!

Christmas is a time of celebration, joy and love. All of us share beautiful moments with our loved ones that are valuables to us. We make plans for evening soirees, New Year’s Eve outings, exchange wishes and of course look forward to getting our Christmas presents with great anticipation!


This is about the time we start worrying about which present to choose that will best impress our friends and family.

All of the usual presents come to mind.. and that’s when our imagination starts to dwindle..


You can always choose presents from a department store or from the little shops in your neighborhood.. but I would like to suggest you make this Christmas a little more special and personal… by making them on your own! DIY Christmas presents!

Simple ideas but different and special.. tasty and playful for both young and old!


Impress them all by giving them more personal presents that are easy to make and also hold a more intimate touch since you created them with your own hands.


The Chinese tradition of giving fortune cookies inspired me for this next recipe. You all know those slightly sweet, crunchy cookies that you break apart and find a surprise… a little piece of paper with a riddle, some advice, a wish or your fortune written on it!


Follow my recipe for Homemade Fortune Cookies, step by step and create them for your loved ones!

Write your own personalized message or wish for each person and I promise that everyone will be thrilled!



Try these easy and aromatic Cheese Crackers that you can make in the shape of hearts, stars or Christmas trees. It will give you the chance to roll out the easiest dough you’ve ever tried and they won’t take more than 15 minutes to bake.

Use your imagination and cut out the dough in various shapes. Put them in little pouches and give them out as little treats that the young Christmas carolers that come to your door will love!  



You can also make Gingerbread Cookies and decorate them with your own Christmas designs, using Royal Icing.



Another great treat I would like to recommend are colorful, chocolate Christmas Cake Pops that will surely remind everyone of their childhood years. They look like lollipops but they are small balls of spiced cookies that are dipped in chocolate and coated in colorful sprinkles.



Now if you want something special to bring to a dinner invite.. I have just the right thing! You can fill a beautiful traditional tin or box with Almond Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies with a Strawberry White Chocolate Filling.

Follow my recipe to make these amazing sandwich cookies all on your own. Decorate them with some colorful confetti for a more festive appearance and believe me they are really a delicacy! Everyone will be asking you which high end bakery you got them from!



Finally, get some nice glass jars and fill them with Marshmallows, assembled to look like snowmen and the kids will be thoroughly excited!

Get some white marshmallows, biscuits and chocolate to assemble the snowmen and propose your guests to melt if they want the marshmallows in their hot cup of chocolate.



You can also fill your jars with the delicious Apple and Cranberries Chutney. It is basically a sweet and sour marmalade made with vinegar and sugar which offers a sweet and sour taste.

It will be perfect for those friends with more refined palates.


For all of you that are planning to throw a dinner party, party, are invited to some soiree or who just want to offer your loved ones gifts that are a little more special this holiday season.. showing them how much you care.. take the time and begin with these creations.


Enjoy these delicacies with everyone and have fun watching their surprise and joy when they see these presents that are filled with so much inspiration and above all.. that you made all on your own… especially for them!


Happy creations!





















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