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June 21, 2018
A different take on ice cream!

In this entry, I am going to tell you about a different way to make ice cream. It’s the simplest way and we have all done it when we were children! Remember when your mom filled the bowl with various flavors and you waited until they melted a little bit to mix them? The result was irresistible! What do you say? Shall we remember our childhoods together?

Let’s start at the beginning… Each summer, my site fills up with ice cream recipes. So, what happened? Why am I sharing something sooo simple with you? Am I out of ideas? Not at all! What you’re about to make is very hot (and cool!) abroad. Abroad, they are mixing different ice creams creating new flavors that they serve in bowls, cones, brownies, pancakes, cookies, waffles or fruit salads (wherever possible)! They are garnishing these ice creams with various toppings; syrups, cookies, nuts, sprinkles, melted chocolate, honey, wafer and anything they can think of!

This is the general idea…

Do you have more than one ice cream flavors in your freezer? You can make a new flavor mixing the ones you have! If you have extra flavors, then it’s even better! You can experiment with your own mix & match ice creams. You can do it with supermarket ice creams or homemade ice creams. Spend a day to make various flavors, keep them in the freezer and experiment with them to create new ones whenever you wish. For example: Take a strawberry scoop and mix it with a chocolate scoop. Take a chocolate hazelnut scoop and mix it with a pistachio scoop and a vanilla scoop… You can mix as many flavors as you like and make the combinations that you like the most. Since the ice creams were in the freezer, you’ll have to use the food processor or apply a little bit more strength. Then you can serve it with a spoon or the ice cream scoop. I have some recipes for you of some of the most delicious homemade ice creams (in case you decide to make homemade ice cream)…

Where to serve it:

As I have already said, in a cone, with a fruit salad or on a brownie… I have for you the recipes for all of them in case you want to make your own homemade ice cream bar! Yes, it takes some time to make them, but they are delicious and you’ll make them with your own hands :-) You can make more than one so that you have them ready to go.

What about the toppings?

You can use everything mentioned above (syrup, honey, cookies, nuts, sprinkles, melted chocolates, wafers) or make the toppings yourselves! Below you will find some recipes with which you can make excellent toppings for your ice creams!

You are now all set to create your own ice cream! It will make your summer sweeter and cooler! I can’t wait to see your photos!!!



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