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June 4, 2015
Testing some of our member’s nutritious recipes!

Healthcare professionals urge us to incorporate a healthy diet into our daily lives!

What does this mean though?

Most of us don’t know which foods are nutritious and which boost our energy levels!

Even more of us believe that healthy is not tasty!

So this time, I’ve picked out 3 of your recipes that stood out and stole the show! They caught my eye because apart from being healthy, they were also very tasty and that is very important!

So let’s see!!

Bread is one of the most popular foods! We all love it! We eat it for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner! Why not substitute white bread with Whole Wheat Bread with Seeds too! This recipe was sent by Letta Meliss, who succeeded in making something both healthy and delicious! I suggest you try it with olive oil, avocado slices and some cherry tomatoes for a perfect quick and healthy snack!



The large amount of fiber in this bread lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and in the walls of your arteries. This particular recipe which includes various seeds contains a large variety of vitamins and minerals because it is made up of different types of grains.

Olives are also full of health protective nutrients and should not be missing from your diet. If you feel like making a healthy snack, try making Anthie Christodoulou’s recipe. An amazing Whole Wheat Olive Bread! I added some feta cheese to add a little more Mediterranean feel to it! Olives are very beneficial for your health and especially while breast feeding since they contain linoleic acid. They also carry rich amounts of vitamins A,D,E and K and help develop strong bones in children and adults.




I’ve left the fianal recipe for last since it contains a favorite ingredient of mine… tahini! Our dear friend Mary Patoula was able to create a very interesting dish! A Tahini and Barley Velvet Soup!

Some people only use tahini while they are fasting. It is one of my favorite ingredients and it’s important to know how nutritional it is and include it in as many recipes as possible. It has a high nutritive content, good organic protein, essential fatty acids and all of the irons and minerals needed for good health. It also helps in regulating high blood pressure. This soup also contains barley which offers a high content of a specific type of fiber that helps lower bad cholesterol levels. It is also makes for a first class meal after exercising since it “revives” the muscle tissues because it is full of vitamin B and carbohydrates.




So these were the 3 wonderful, nutritious but above all, very tasty recipes!

I truly thank you for all your love and participation!

I have already chosen the recipes I’m going to try next time…

Until thenHappy cooking!!!! 

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