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February 3, 2015
Member Recipe Testing!

This diary post is dedicated to all of the site members!

All the member recipes that you so generously upload on the website make up a very special part of it for me!!

I read all of them, one by one, while keeping notes.. and test as many as possible! I can say that I’ve been really impressed by some of them! Easy, quick, affordable and made with very simple ingredients!

I decided to choose the recipes that grab my attention more and after testing them, share them with you every month!


What can I say about Lefteris Antoniou’s “little sins”? Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie Bites. An unbelievable treat for your friends that pop in for coffee! Just keep them in the fridge and they will save you time and time again!

Xanthe Parga’s Double Chocolate Fudge Squares is like a huge chocolate bar, which I created, whose every bite melts in your mouth and the cookie pieces are simply divine…

Katerina Lemoni’s Baked Chicken Stuffed Pasta Shells is a recipe dedicated to all students!! There is no excuse not to try to make it when you get home feeling hungry and are looking for something to eat that is quick and tasty! And this looks good too!



I'm in Paris as I'm writing this... but I will continue testing your recipes as soon as I get back!!! 



Waiting to be impressed with all of your cooking skills!!!


Αu revoir!!!!!!

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