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July 7, 2017
Are you a Chocolate Lover?

You already know my love of chocolate! My book “Just Chocolate” is a huge example since in it I have collected all of my secrets, tips and so many amazing chocolate recipes and generally anything anyone might need in order to create the most successful, sensational chocolate delicacies ever!  

This time I decided to talk to you about all of the types of chocolate… more specifically.. chocolate couverture… and how they can be transformed  into phenomenal sweets through these very carefully put together and of course tried and tested recipes! I was inspired to take this chocolate journey with you by “World Chocolate Day” which is celebrated today!

Yes, today you have every excuse to indulge in any kind of chocolate temptation! So take your pick of any, or as many of these chocolate wonders… starting from the kitchen and “ending” on the table!!

Why chocolate couverture?

Because this is the best type of chocolate! Couverture is given this name due to its high contents of cocoa butter (over 31%). You see, cocoa butter has this.. magical quality. It is able to crystallize resulting in chocolate that melts easier, more evenly while at the same time gives you this velvety texture. For all of these reasons, chocolate couverture is our No. 1 ally in baking -  especially if you want to create the most delicious, sexy chocolate desserts! So let’s go ahead and explore all of the types of chocolate couverture that you can find on the market and discover all of these ideal recipes for all of you chocolate lovers!

Couverture with 65% cocoa. Ideal for those who love intense flavors! This particular type of couverture contains more cacao mass and less sugar.  If you choose this type of couverture it must mean that you are lovers of a more… bitter version of chocolate. For this reason, you definitely have to try the Bitter Chocolate Cake I prepared for you. It doesn’t just look delicious.. It IIIS delicious!!

Couverture: Of course I am referring to the classic chocolate couverture whose base is cacao butter. It has a rich aroma and a velvety texture that helps you give an amazing chocolatey flavor to all of your sweets.

Chocolate and Salt Truffles

Yπέροχες σοκολατένιες Τρούφες με σοκολάτα και αλάτι από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Φανταστική και αφράτη Πουτίγκα με σοκολάτα από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Δροσερό και σπιτικό Παγωτό σοκολάτα από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

Milk Chocolate Couverture: In this particular type of couverture cacao “marries” sugar and – of course – milk, which offers that soft light colored chocolate tone… You need to be a little careful with it since it melts quicker than classic couverture and it is especially sensitive to high temperatures.

Milk Chocolate Eclaires with Ginger

Εκλέρ με λευκή σοκολάτα και τζίντζερ από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη

Milk Chocolate Ginger Tart with Caramelized ApplesΤάρτα με σοκολάτα γάλακτος, τζίντζερ και καραμελωμένο ανανά από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

Milk Chocolate Souffle 

Σουφλέ σοκολάτας γάλακτος από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Μους σοκολάτας γάλακτος από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

Almond Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies with a Strawberry White Chocolate FillingΜπισκότα γεμιστά με κρέμα φράουλας και λευκή σοκολάτα από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη.

White Couverture:  The absence of cacao mass is responsible for its white color. In this particular couverture, all of the “work” (flavor and aroma) is done by the cacao butter, milk and sugar. It is a type of couverture that is even more sensitive to high temperatures. Which means you have to be even more careful not to burn it while you are melting it. Stir constantly so that it can melt nicely and evenly…

White Chocolate Fudge

Σοκολατάκια fudge με λευκή σοκολάτα από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with a Hazelnut CrumbleΠανακότα με λευκή σοκολάτα και crumble φουντουκιού  από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη

White Chocolate Log

Κορμός λευκής σοκολάτας από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη

Almond and White Chocolte Cream Tart

Τάρτα αμυγδάλου με κρέμα λευκής σοκολάτας από τον Άκη Πετρετζίκη

Praline Couverture: The classic couverture meets a genuine chocolate with hazelnuts and “steals” its rich aroma and irresistible flavor… You need to be especially careful when melting it as well as storing it.

Even better, make your own Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Sauce!!

So? What do you say? Have I peeked your interest? Yes? Perfect! Choose a recipe, get into your kitchen and send me your favorite, sweetest and most chocolatey pictures!! I’ll be waitiiiiing!!!!!


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