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June 3, 2015
A different kind of mojito!!

I went to visit a friend of mine in the country over the long weekend.

There was an elderberry tree in full bloom right outside his garden. While living in England I had grown accustomed to the name “elderberry bush” and all of the products made from the flowers that grow on it, like syrup, beer, jelly etc. One of my favorite refreshments was made from the elderberry bush. I knew it was made from some flower or plant but I had no idea what it looked like. 



While walking towards the garden I got a whiff of a familiar smell and I asked him where it was coming from. He let me try a syrup he had made from elderberry flowers and I immediately came up with the idea to create a cocktail that would remind you of a mojito… but not quite a mojito. It was a perfect chance to try it out since we were expecting friends over later…




Mint leaves and 3-4 crushed cherries at the bottom of the glass along with some elderberry flower syrup, lots of ice, some tsipouro, a slice of lemon and topped off with some soda. This cocktail will bring with it the freshness of spring no matter what season you make it…




All of our friends were very impressed when they tried it. We made a non-alcoholic batch, leaving out the tsipouro, for the kids. They were all excited to be having the same drink, or so they thought, as the grown-ups!!!

And.. of course they all wanted the recipe.

Well.. there is no exact recipe… improvisation is the most important ingredient!!

The main ingredient tis elderberry flower syrup, which is easy to make and you can find the recipe here.

If you can’t find an elderberry bush or tree, you can make the syrup with other aromatics, such as mint, lavender, roses or a mixture of all of these together; or follow your sense of smell and create your own arrangement of aromatics for the syrup.

This particular cocktail will surely help you lead the way to a variety of very aromatic creations!! 



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