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May 4, 2016
An impressive full page tribute was given to architect Spiro Souli by the American Elle Décor magazine.

An impressive full page tribute was given to architect Spiro Souli by the American Elle Décor magazine.

The American magazine Elle Décor is one of the most popular magazines for interior decorating worldwide. In the issue where the actress Marisa Tomei appeared on the cover also hosted our own Greek architect Spiro Souli. He talked about his work but also about his great love.. marble. “A material the exudes Greece” as he says himself. It is with this material he created his successful line of objects and furniture Iktinos Marmaron Spiros Soulis Designs.

More specifically Elle Décor held an extensive tribute for Spiro – the first Greek architect displayed in a full page spread in this particular magazine. The following text was written for him.. “The Greek Architect, Spiros Soulis, has a special love for marble, a Greek material which he used in a spectacular way to create the most unusual and unexpected objects.”




Elle Décor spoke about the Greek architect’s architectural career. After living in London for ten whole years, studying architecture and working in one of the largest architectural firms in the world.. Lord Norman Foster, he returned to his beloved Greece in order to begin his career and architectural firm which is very well known to everyone in Greece.

“I would always destroy things and rebuild them” said Spiros to Elle Décor, referring to his childhood and how much he liked to work with his hands and see how things were built.

As far as marble goes, the material with which all of his decorative objects and furniture are made out of, he said: “There is a false conception that marble is heavier than glass and cement but in reality, it weighs less. I wanted to create the impression that the objects can beat gravity.” And he succeeded in doing this very well, as is written in Elle Décor. Every object created by him from marble is designed in such a way that it can be held in one hand. “This isn’t an easy thing for an architect that has learned to work with objects on a larger scale”, comments the writer of the article with the witty title "Romancing the Stone".


Elle Décor held this tribute to Spiros Soulis on the page “Talent” which presents the new talents found by the magazine to the American public. Apart from the interview they also presented some of his creations. Among them was the amazing master bathroom that he created for a home in the Athenian suburbs made out of marble as well as some of the objects from his line Iktinos Marmaron Spiros Soulis Designs.  

The line Iktinos Marmaron Spiros Soulis Designs, consists of plates, candleholders, knife handles, bowls, frames all the way to the most wonderful cocktail tables. These unique creations are already taking the markets of New York, Beverly Hills, Paris, and the United Arab Emirates by storm.

The Greek magazine “Proto Thema” (First Subject) also held a full page tribute to Spiros Soulis, where amongst other things also said: “Marble is Greece and I’m so happy that from Paris all the way to Miami, where our work will soon be shown, everyone welcomes us with open arms and much enthusiasm.” “I wanted to put marble in every home in a modern and smart way. Marble is a unique and special material that is loved all over the world as much as it is in Greece”.





“We are very old friends with Lydia Haida. Both of us architects that share the same creative searches and dreams. Her father, the architect Evangelos Haida is a huge chapter in Greek architecture and Greek marble. For over 40 years this man with his vision and love for this material has made the whole world want Greek marble. We shared this love for this wonderful and timeless material with Lydia and from the first moment of our collaboration had only one goal: We wanted to get marble to “travel” all over the world and display it in the most important design areas on earth, redefining it, designing unique and modern pieces, adding a special emphasis to the design detail and to the perfect craftsmanship. After all, Iktinos Marmaron already equips some of the most important architectural projects in Greece and all over the world. Our goal is to make it possible for Greek marble to reach all over the world and make buildings and homes more beautiful, inside, outside and all over!” said Spiros on his collaboration with his good friend Lydia Haida.

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