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August 25, 2017
A whole meal on a piece of bread...

The word bruschetta may not be a Greek word (it comes from the Italian verb “bruscare” which means to “cook over coals”) but if you top it with all sorts of Greek ingredients you can really let the flavors “take off”!! This very beloved and popular delicacy began as a simple and humble garlic bread and as time went by it evolved into an show stopping appetizer! I feel it can even replace a main dish!

Many people say that the secret to making the perfect bruschetta is in grilling the bread perfectly. The bread should be fresh (even though in the past they used stale bread to make it) and preferable a rustique country bread!

I will agree with this belief about the bread as well as the olive oil, the garlic (which is lightly rubbed on the toasted side of the bread) and the fresh, aromatic tomato that fills your mouth with so much flavor in each bite. To these I will add one more thing – which in my opinion may be even more important. This my friends, is none other than…. imagination!

Yes! Add your own imagination to anything you do or make.. even to a bruschetta! Always use fresh, aromatic ingredients but combine them together in a smart way! Add a variety of textures and colors to create the most complete, rich, super delicious bruschetta ever. The bruschetta will, in turn, “repay you” for all of your attention given and try to please you as best as possible! It can fill you with an endless amount of flavor whether morning, noon or evening…  Because as it is well known, if you have imagination, you can make bruschetta for any time of day! Would you like to take a bite?

Start off your day with..

...Open-Face Sandwich Bruschetta

Μπρουσκέτες με λαχανικά και τυρί κρέμαRicotta and Tomato Confit Bruschetta

Μπρουσκέτες με ντομάτες και τυρί ρικότα

or some lovely Smoked Ham and Salami Bruschetta

 Μπρουσκέτες με διάφορα αλλαντικά και ρόκα

Moving on to lunch, give in to a deliciously classic Greek Bruschetta

Μπρουσκέτες με χαλούμι, ντομάτα και σταφύλι

...a Calamari Bruschetta, Shrimp Bruschetta or an Egg and Anchovy Bruschetta.

Μπρουσκέτες με αυγό και αντζούγια 

Peanut Butter Bruschetta are great for an afternoon snack. Make 2-3 of these and let them fill you with energy until the evening!

Μπρουσκέτες με σολομό, τυρί κρέμα και αγγούρι 

If you think that you can’t prepare something awesome and filling for dinner along the same lines, you are very mistaken! Bruschetta for dinner also so you can complete your day with a tasty, light and flavorful meal. Your choices are endless! Salmon Bruschetta

Μπρουσκέτες με σολομό, τυρί κρέμα και αγγούρι

Goat Cheese and Rocket Bruschetta

Μπρουσκέτες με κατσικίσιο τυρί και φύλλα ρόκας

Cornbread Bruschetta with Greek Talagani

Μπρουσκέτες με ταλαγάνι και μαρούλι

or Roasted Olives and Fresh Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Μπρουσκέτες με ψητές ελιές

And this my friends is just a small sample of how many types of bruschetta you can create with simple and even complex ingredients. Like I said before, the secret is in putting your imagination to good use along with a mood to experiment with various ingredients. I’m assuming that you do enjoy creating and using your imagination in the kitchen since you are reading this article. So, all you have to do now is try out some of my ideas and make these delicious bruschetta with me so that they can add all sorts of flavors and tastiness any time of day!

Enjoy all of your bruschettas!


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