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March 23, 2016
My deliciously inspirational trip!

A wonderful trip…

A few days ago I got a big surprise! I was invited to London by Jamie Oliver. where I was to meet Nia Vardalos and cook with her in the Food Tube studios to help promote her new movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”!

Of course I happily accepted, even though I had to rearrange my whole schedule, which is quite hectic! It was well worth it though!

First of all, I travelled to a city I really love and know very well. I hadn’t been there in some time and I had really missed it.



I also got a chance to revisit Jamie’s studio, which is a place that is full of such wonderful and talented people! Where there are all sorts of great things happening all the time! Lots of cooking, photography, shootings and so much more! I’m going to try and get Jamie’s permission to get some footage in the future, so you can see for yourselves!



But most importantly, I had the chance to meet and hang out with a true Greek star, that has made her country so well known all over the world. I really couldn’t wait to meet her! I wondered if she was that outgoing, funny, sweet person that we see in her interviews! She was all that and more!


So off we went! Three members from my team and myself. We packed a lot of Greek products to take along with us.. and made it to the airport.  



It was a beautiful trip and I saw the Isthmus of Corinth from so far above! It is really impressive!



Upon reaching London, we went to our hotel, had a quick dinner and went straight to bed since we had to wake up at 6.00 am the following morning!

First we went to the offices of Universal Pictures and watched Nia’s movie!  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2".



We loved it! Maybe even more than the first one! It was very funny and highly entertaining! You definitely need to go see it!!

Then we went to Jamie’s offices for a first meeting, and then made our way to his restaurant called “Fifteen” where we continued talking and making plans about future projects together. I will let you in on more details as we move along!



But there was much more fun to come. We went to the Food Tube studios to start cooking!



We had to make sure we had everything we needed for our recipe before we got started. Make sure we hadn’t left anything behind in Greece! Test the recipe again.. and before we knew it.. Nia came and brightened up the studio even more!



She was really wonderful in person! She was also quite nervous about how we would get along since there was not a lot of time to get to know each other before we started shooting the video!



I was nervous too, but there was absolutely nothing to worry about. We were like two peas in a pod! We were joking and laughing in no time at all! She is incredibly kind and we got along beautifully. We had a great time! You have to watch the video… and of course the outtakes outtakes video will give you a better feel of what really went on! 



The recipe was very simple and very tasty! Everyone in the studio had a taste.

I love offering my food to people and let them taste what I cook and create. It is not by chance that the name of my book is “Now this you have to taste”! J



 I’d like to say that after spending this time with Nia, I feel that I have another “cousin”. J I truly hope we can meet again and cook together for all of her friends and family! She told me that she would invite me to her house in L.A.!! Can you imagine how much fun that would be??!!



After we wrapped it up at the studio, we still had a little more time left before we had to go. Marco desperately wanted to see Big Ben!



Then we took a walk along the Thames as the sun was setting. It was beautiful and it filled me with joy and energy to be there again! It was a shame that our visit was so short and we couldn’t get our fill!



Went to dinner and back to the hotel to pack and the following morning we got on a flight and came back to Greece!

I came back tired but feeling good! Having gotten the chance to see people I appreciate and look up to, meet new people and of course, added a new cousin to the family! J I feel that I have come back full of new experiences, that inspire you and help you try even harder to make yourself the best you can possibly be.




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