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May 18, 2015
A 3 day book tour!

On Friday May 8th, we set off from Athens to Thessaloniki by plane to begin a 3 day book tour presentation! We then carried on to Giannena where our first presentation began!




One cannot praise this city enough! It is a city with a rich history, a plethora of sights, attractions and museums since it holds eons of history! It is at an altitude of 500 meters with a majestic view and a warm atmosphere! The natural beauty of this place is a guarantee for visitors. The castle of Ioannina, the lake with the little island, the cave, the amazing old city with all of the traditional shops and its fine marketplace as well as the numerous old mansions that look over the city. All of these attractions easily grab hold of the visitor’s interest and captivate him.




We reached the bookstore “Prokos” and were given a wonderfully warm welcome by Vasili.  The people in this city are truly very warm, gracious and willing! They had closed off the pedestrian walkway for me and I couldn’t get enough hugs from everyone who came. There were people of all ages and even little kids who just came up to me and hugged me! It was great! 




The following morning we went by car to our nextstop.. Igoumenitsa! This 3 day tour was like a wonderful road trip for us!



We arrived at the next bookstore “Mitselos”, where I was very impressed by Mr. Taso, who apart from being a very good businessman was also a very good family man! His warm, firm handshake made us feel right at home immediately! The book presentation was held at the Cultural Center of Igoumenitsa in a warm and quiet atmosphere…





At the end of the presentation I was asked questions about the book and even though I really wanted more time to share more moments with the people who came, unfortunately we had to leave in a hurry to get to Ptolemaida for the next book presentation.

In Ptolemaida we found the bookstore “Tsavdaridis” which is owned by Mr. Giorgo. At this presentation I was happy to see faces I knew! I saw Jeremy and Mihali from the Master Chef show! I was so happy to get a chance sit down and have a bite to eat with them and catch up on their news after all these years…





That was not the end of our trip because we immediately left for Thessaloniki to catch our flight back to Athens. We were now quite exhausted and we had our share of unexpected weather conditions since it was raining and hail was coming down hard which made our trip quite difficult.



But, the following day at 5.30 in the morning, we enjoyed a delicious pastry made special in Thessaloniki called bougatsa; a warm custard pie, which made up for any difficulties we may have gone through in the best way!




This was sort of how our book tour to Southern Greece came to an end… I was really an unforgettable experience. I wish I had had more time to spend there to enjoy it more. What really made the whole experience so unforgettable for me were the people that gave me such a warm, heart felt welcome which I will never forget!

Thank you all! Until next time!

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