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September 9, 2016
Βack to school

Hello my good friends!

It is time to get ready to go back to school! Well, at least for the kids in Greece.

School may have already started in other countries.. but this article applies to kids all over the world. 

Ιn other countries school has already started but this article applies to all..

Let us see why....

Most kids do not want to go back to school after their holidays, since the days they spent at camp, or the beach or at friend's and relative's houses were days full of fun, games and laughter.

The parents on the other hand have had enough of screaming little kids running around and needing attention all the time.

So in any case, school has started and we are in the thick of it!

One of the most common questions I get from parents is... "What should I prepare for our kids to eat... either at school or when they come back from school and are famished before dinner?".

I remember as a kid I was ashamed to take my little lunchbox out of my bag, with the lunch my mother had prepared for me. The presentation of the food she made was not the best so the other kids made fun of me and i became the man I am :-)

Anyway... the point is that presentation is important so make sure that you use some ribbons or paper to decorate the food in a fun manner.

Another point that you need to know is that kids, especially the younger ones, are bored to eat. If you give them a fruit that is whole in their lunchbox, they are not going to eat it. Take the time to peel it and cut it in to small pieces for them...making it easier to eat. Or even better, try these wonderful fruit salads from the site!

Winter fruit salad​

Fruit Salad with Fruit Sauce​

Another good pointer is for you to use your deep freeze! You can store slices of cake and cookies to have on hand and prepare in mere minutes for your hungry kids! 

Some very nice cakes you can make and store are:

Grape Molasses Spice Cake​

 Marble Cake

Olive Oil Apple Cake with Honey Frosting​

Honey Cake

 Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes


Also try these wondeful breads that are very presentable and different:

Beetroot and Feta Bread

Pumpkin Bread​

Gluten Free Sun Dried Tomato and Parmesan Bread​


And of course the great little pies (pites) or turnovers that we have in Greece:

Mini Savory Kourou Dough Pies

Leek Pie Turnovers


Some cookies

Cookies for Kids

 Whoopie Pies

Bars and brownies

Walnut Raisin Bars​

Fruit and Nuts Chocolate Bars

Pumpkin Chocolate Walnut Brownies


A few more savoury and sweet treats

Broccoli Fritters

Potato Tuna Cakes​

Carrot and Coconut Chocolate Cups

Stuffed Pizza Balls


Orange Marmalade and Cream Cheese Pie Pops​

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls​

Deep Dish Pizza Swirls​


Easy Gluten Free Cinnamon Cookies​

Butter Candy​

I really hope that you will enjoy all these treats and hope that i gave you some new ideas for creating wonderful food for your kids!


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