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October 26, 2017
Children’s snacks for more free time!

You must be wondering “What does this title mean?” Well let me explain my train of thought to you my friends! I thought I would collect some simple, nutritious, tasty but quick snacks that can fill your children’s tummies and free up mother’s time! My goal is to get you out of the kitchen (for a while) and help you rest. While you are resting, it is important that the children play any game they like, freely! It won’t be football, soccer, chess, painting or even ballet. They will just play – alone or with their friends…

While taking a walk in the park, I noticed that there are no children playing there in the afternoon. What I do see is parents and children carrying bags and running around from one activity to another. This is all fine and well but have you ever thought about what you are missing out of your children’s lives with such a hectic, heavy (and strict) schedule in your daily lives? You miss out on freedom, games and …. just hanging out!

The truth is that even kids have the need to have a relaxing time during the day. And you know what my friends? Life is not full of mathematical equations and problems… Children really have the need to feel free, play and hang out with their friends… not only indoors but outside in the back yard, in the playground or in the park. This is exactly why I have prepared some snacks that can come along with you on all of these little excursions – wherever they may be so they can help make these fun times even enjoyable!

Let’s kick it off with these absolutely delicious Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Cookies, that you can make in just 15 minutes! How great is that! They are perfect for a midday or afternoon snack for both children and… adults!

 Next up is a Grilled Vegetable and Tuna Sandwich which is easy to make, delicious, healthy and …. colorful!!

Healthy Cookies for a super tasty, nutritional snack, perfect for any time of day!

Gluten Free Sun Dried Tomato and Parmesan Bread! You can make this amazing bread in just 15 minutes! You can enjoy it on its own or add some ham and cheese for a feast! Both you and your kids will love it!

Easy Gluten Free Cinnamon Cookies.These little treats are ready in just ½ an hour and will thrill the whole family!

Αν, πάλι, τα παιδιά ζητήσουν κάτι πιο… δροσιστικό, τότε, η Παγωμένη κρέμα βρώμης είναι αυτό που χρειάζεστε. Είναι νόστιμη, θρεπτική και μπορείτε να την φτιάξετε σε μόλις 5 λεπτά!

If they want something more.. refreshing, you need this Chilled Oatmeal Pudding. It’s delicious, nutritious and you can make it in just 5 minutes!

I’ve saved the rest of the recipes for last since they need a little more time to make BUT they are really worth making!! Carrot Chips in the oven! Delicious Homemeade Sandwich Bread and a Quick Cheese Pie for the Lazy Cook! Nothing beats these homemade chips, completely pure sandwich bread and cheese pie.. especially made by mom's own two hands... 

I have a last bit of advice for you before I go and make some snacks! “Play” and have fun with your children’s food! Not just with the way you make the recipes but also in the way you choose to serve them! A beautiful, cute or even funny image you create on their plate can make even the most “uninteresting” food look phenomenal to them!

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Of course these are only a few of the children’s snacks you can find on my website. Take a look and find tons more recipes that you can make for your friends and children. And always remember: The best way for your little ones to enjoy these recipes is casually, along with their parents, brothers, sisters or their friends ;-)




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