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May 20, 2018
Mix and Match recipes! Energy bars!

Some recipes are far easier to make than you may think. If you get organized, you can take advantage of your time and make this recipe in different ways and whip up the snacks for a whole week in no time at all! In order to achieve this, you need three basic things

  1. Imagination to come up with various combinations of ingredients.
  2. Proper prepping, so that you can have all of the ingredients when you are ready to start.
  3. A little bit of time to make the recipe.

This my friends is the famous… Mix & Match technique! :-) I’m kidding of course even though that’s what I’ve named these recipes, since it’s basically all you need to do…. combine the ingredients in many different ways to get different, yummy results… each time! Use ingredients that can be easily found in the house (some you may need to go out an buy) or you can put your leftovers to good use and create all sorts of goodies like… sandwiches, salads, homemade pizzas, wraps and many, many other “easy” foods that can make your lives much easier any time of year, but especially during the summer months.

Last, thanks to the recipes’ simple and very organized steps, you can bring your children into the kitchen and get them better acquainted with foods, cooking, prepping and of course… eating and having fun together!

The first Mix & Match recipe will be these wonderful energy bars! A yummy, nutritious snack that you and your kids can take everywhere with you – school, work, office, park, playground, on a trip or even to the beach.

So, let’s make some tasty energy bars….


Step 1: Choose ingredients to make the base

Your base can be made out of ingredients like oats, nuts and various seeds combined with honey, brown sugar, some buttery substance and any other ingredient you feel will add even more flavor, such as spices. 

Βάσεις για μπάρες

Step 2: Choose various toppings

Chocolates, cookies, dried fruit and generally anything you like and would like add.. over your energy bars! Any of the following ingredients you may have in your cupboards or your refrigerator can be used…

Step 3: Assemble your energy bars

Next step? Assemble your base and toppings for your energy bars… and then bake them.

Step 4: Allow them to cool

When your energy bars cool, you can top them with even more of your favorite ingredients and serve them to those you love!

You can find the recipe for these fabulous bars, here! There are countless mix & match recipes (both sweet and savory) that can be made in this particular way? I don’t know about you, but I have lots of ideas in my mind… Slowly, I will share them all with you my friends! ;-)




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