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June 29, 2017
Making Infused Water

Infusing water is becoming more and more popular and you can now find it more and more often at homes, parties, children’s parties and even at functions or receptions (baptisms or weddings etc,). I’m referring of course to those huge glass jugs which are full of water that is “colored” (and infused) from multicolored pieces of fresh fruit and aromatics (sometimes even vegetables). So what is all the fascination about infused water? What makes it so popular?

Some people believe that its popularity is due to the pretty image it offers to any table. Others believe it’s because it is so easy to make (and yes this is true), while others say it is the most refreshing and thirst quenching drink that not only can help your body replenish its liquids but also detoxify it! The answer is in all of these ideas! Infused water is really a first class solution to refresh yourself, quench your thirst and detoxify your body while at the same time it is an affordable idea that adds so much color and beauty to your lunch or dinner table!

How do you make it? It’s so simple! You just add fruit (whole or in pieces) and aromatics to a large pitcher of fresh, cool water. The combinations you can make are truly endless, as the ingredients you can use are endless – Strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, limes, (any citrus fruits depending on the season) raspberries, watermelon, bell peppers, hot peppers, apples, cinnamon, basil, pineapple, peaches, mint, vanilla pods, lemongrass, cayenne pepper and so much more! These are only some of the ingredients you can use to infuse water. It is up to you to experiment with ingredients and quantities so that you can make the most perfect combination according to your personal tastes! Of course I have some of my own great recipes for infused water which you can make over and over again!

Try them!

Cucumber and Red Pepper Infused Water

Κανάτα με αρωματισμένο παγωμένο νερό με αγγούρι και πιπεριά

Pineapple Apple and Geranium Infused Water

Αρωματικό νερό σε κανάτα με ροδάκινο, μήλο, κανέλα και αρμπαρόριζα

Strawberry and Kiwi Infused Water

Αρωματισμένο νερό σε μπουκάλι, με δροσερά φρούτα, φράουλες και ακτινίδιο

Αρωματισμένο νερό σε μπουκάλι, με δροσερά φρούτα, φράουλες και ακτινίδιο

Along with these delicious and refreshing recipes I’d like to give you some tips that will be helpful to keep in mind when it comes to infused water:

·         The fruit, vegetables and aromatics you are going to use to infuse your water should be organic if possible.

·         Try to somehow arrange the ingredients you will be using according to what time of day you will be drinking your infused water. For instance, try to prefer using citrus fruits in the morning instead of in the evening.

·         Keep your infused water refrigerated (especially during the summer months) and keep it for 1 day. Otherwise your ingredients may “spoil” and ruin the flavor of your water also. Some aromatics may turn bitter if kept longer.  

Good luck! I’m sure you don’t need it since the success of infused water is guaranteed if you follow my instructions! I’m so sure you will enjoy it fully!!


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