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October 3, 2018
Make a snack that… endures!

Yes, that endures. Endures getting back and forth, the books going in and out, and the…kids’ appetite. What do all these mean? That from the moment you put it in the schoolbag, it won’t come back crushed or half-eaten. Actually, it won’t come back at all. Why? Because your kid will have enjoyed it and it will have filled up its appetite at school. This is, anyway, the main goal of a proper snack. To be homemade, to endure, and to…disappear! So today, I decided to talk to you about this and share with you a smart recipe for a delicious snack which your kids will definitely love. But, let’s take things one step at a time…

What could be the perfect snack?

Let’s not lie to ourselves. Some foods are made to be…snacks. They can be made with several variations, have different ingredients, be eaten easily, and make a kid feel full without feeling “heavy”. Do you want to see some of them?

  • We start with the sandwich. It is an easy and convenient solution which (if made correctly), it can be a mini, nutritional meal consisting of carbs, proteins, fibers, and fats, which will offer the kid the necessary energy in order to cope with the mental and physical challenges of the school day. The different kinds of bread (sandwich bread, buns, white, whole-wheat, or multigrain bread), but also the ingredients which we can use (turkey, cheddar or cream cheese, egg or omelet, vegetables, peanut butter, tahini, etc.) will help us create countless tasty (sweet and savory) combinations that our kid won’t be bored of. 
  • Dried fruits, as well as nuts (if the kid is at an age that can consume them without fear, of course). It is a mix that can offer kids the energy that they need for the rest of the day. They can be easily transferred, they do not take up much space in the bag, and they do not go bad. The best of all, though, is that they contain an abundance of vitamins, which are considered valuable for their body.
  • Fruits or vegetables (yes, they could eat them, provided that we give them to our kids in a smarter way). Apple, mandarin, banana. They can all be a first-class snack or even accompany the kids’ main snack, by enforcing their body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Everything is a matter of imagination :-)

If your kid opens its lunch box every day and constantly sees the same things, it can get bored at some point and look for something…different in the school’s cafeteria. In order to avoid that, we can give our kid the variety that it needs. How? By using our imagination! In that way, a slice of  Karamolegos sandwich bread with natural sourdough can be transformed into an amazing, crunchy roll which can hide inside of it some cheese, turkey, or even finely chopped chicken that might be left from the previous night. In the same way, fruits and vegetables can be put into wooden skewers and become tasty fruit salads and veggie salads (in fact, we can also add pieces of cheese between the vegetables). These are two great examples of how certain ingredients can become interesting and practical snacks. “Interesting” because they get another form from the one that we have been used to eat and “practical” because kids can eat them more easily during the school break or even during a school trip.

Now, if you are wondering how to make them, do not worry at all! The fruit and vegetable salads on skewers are as simple as you imagine them. You simply cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces (and cheese, if you are going to use it), put them through a wooden skewer (better a short one, in order to be even more practical) and then, into the lunch box. As for the sandwich bread that becomes…a roll, I have for you the recipe right below!

Mini chicken rolls

Mini chicken rolls by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis

A happy, carefree and…tasty school year to all parents and kids :-)


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