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November 29, 2019
Why should I choose a plant-based milk?

More and more people are showing interest in plant-based products – not necessarily because they want to change their eating habits altogether or become vegans, but because they want to discover something new or reduce the use of animal products in their everyday lives. Among these products, we find the plant-based beverages which are becoming more and more well-known! But, why is it worth adding a plant-based milk to our lives by offering it a place in our diet and in our kitchen? The reasons, my friends, are plenty! What do you say, shall we find out a few of the most important ones?

1. It is friendlytowards the environment and the animals.

This is, for many people, the main reason why someone should try a plant-based milk and add it to his everyday life, e.g. as a breakfast or a snack. We will not analyze that more in this blog post, but the result is simply that in order to produce this milk, there is no animal exploitation and it is environmentally friendly; unlike the production of dairy which harms the environment with carbon dioxide and methane emissions (e.g. because of the uncontrolled breeding of cows from which milk is produced).

2. It does not contain any lactose and it can be better digested.

Many people are lactose intolerant, which is in most of the dairy products. A plant-based milk is an ideal alternative that people could easily make part of their nutrition plan.

3. It is proven to be very nutrient-dense.

Each product, plant-based or animal, may be more or less nutrient-dense. We can find this out by reading the food label that is onto each packaging and that will help us better understand the product’s nutritional value. What can it contain? Let’s take, for example, the new AdeZ plant-based milk. It is a mixture of plant-based ingredients, fruit juices (for the fruit flavors) and a sweetener from the stevia plant (steviol glycosides), enriched, in some cases, with vitamins or minerals along with water. It is made with no added sugar, it contains no milk and therefore no lactose, while it contains natural sugars and it is enriched with calcium & vitamins.

4. We have easieraccess to it.

There was a time when plant-based milks (and all similar products) could be found only in some specific stores or -at best- in a small corner of a supermarket. Now, there isn’t a supermarket that does not have plant-based products on its shelves. Moreover, plant-based milks are in the refrigerators along with all the other products that are part of our everyday lives and our kitchen. This makes it so much easier for us to spot them, get to know them and choose the one that suits our needs and our tastes – since not all plant-based milks have the same taste.

5. Using it, we can prepare super Lenten/vegan recipes.

One thing is for sure… The use of plant-based products and specifically of plant-based milks, is now considered very widespread in cooking. You see, it gives us the ability to enjoy almost all of our favorite dishes even when we are fasting or when we are lactose intolerant (as mentioned above). So, we can use it instead of milk, add it to our soups and sauces, make delicious dishes and unique desserts with it. In a previous blog post, we had talked about all these things that we can make with a plant-based milk. If you want to remember them, you will find them all here.

So, to these, I would like to add one more incredible recipe which proves that with a plant-based milk, we can -really- make anything we want in our kitchen! Even…mayonnaise!!!



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