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May 1, 2014
Artichoke season!!

Its artichoke season and they seem to be everywhere you look....local farm markets, fruit markets we can find them anywhere and plenty of them!!  Its a strange vegetable loved by many!! There are over 70 different varietes but in Greece we only have a few of them...

The other day I was visiting a friend of mine who lives out in the mountains.  He had planted some artichokes last year and they were just starting to bloom..

He had four artichokes two wild ones from  and two he had picked up from his local market..since we had some time on our hands and it was mid afternoon we decided to make a quick appetizer, or maybe two...

First we began to clean the outer leaves and place them into a bowl of water with some fresh lemon juice.  

When we reached the hearts we placed them in a bowl of water mixed together with some fresh lemon juice. The artichoke hearts where so fresh they didn't have a trace of fuzz on them.  We cut them in half and then we sliced them into to thin slices (vertically)

We placed the slices back into some lemon water and took some parmigiano cheese and sliced it very thin..we took the artichokes and mixed it together with the cheese and sprinkled some thick sea salt, freshly ground pepper and it turned out to be an amazing salad!!

Back to the outer leaves, we placed them on a plate and added a few broccoli florets, which where growing wild in the corner of the garden, we added a bit of olive oil some salt and ground pepper, and continue to enjoy this amazing salad also...

Have a great 1st of May!!




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