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May 14, 2016
Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is here!

I’m sure most of us will be getting flowers and a nice gift to show them how special they are in our lives.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you were to also make her a super special breakfast for her and even better…  breakfast in bed! It would make her feel so special and happy.

Unfortunately I don’t live close to my parents so I won’t be able to spend mother’s day with my mom.

I remember how much I always enjoyed cooking with her and we would spend hours in the kitchen together!


Η Γιορτή της Μητέρας


If you are too young to prepare something on your own, you can always ask for some help from your father, grandmother or grandfather and hopefully they will know their way around the kitchen enough to be able to help you!

So let's get cooking for mom!! 


Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes

These wonderful and healthy cupcakes are just perfect for breakfast! The recipe makes quite a few so you can store some in the freezer and enjoy them at a later time. Defrost them at night and they will be ready to eat in the morning. This way they will always be nice and fresh.


Fruit Salad with Fruit Sauce


What a fresh, delicious and invigorating way to start the day! You can prepare the sauce the night before and just add the fresh fruit in the morning before serving.


Quick and Easy Chocolate Bread

This is a wonderful bread that you can also prepare ahead of time and store it in the freezer.. Just remove it from the freezer the night before and it will be ready to eat in the morning. Serve it with butter and honey.

You can also serve it with this really great Orange Lemon Marmalade!

Try making this marmalade when oranges are in season to preserve their amazing aroma that you can enjoy all year round.


If you are quite good at baking, you could try making this scrumptious Quiche Lorraine!


It not such an easy quiche to make but it’s worth trying and your mother will be thrilled!


Now if you are good at rolling out dough in to thin sheets of phyllo and you are pressed for time… you can make these quick and wonderful Fried Cheese Pie Turnovers!! You can also make them with various fillings.


Of course I have included a super simple but impressive recipe… Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Tartlets! A complete breakfast in a little tart! 


Or you can make this quick and tasty pie. Frittata Pie. It has a lot more ingredients but you don’t need to roll out any dough! 

Finish off this great breakfast of champions with a Lemon Cake with Strawberries!

I really hope you take the time to make one or all of these recipes for your mother and I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying this special breakfast with her. Let’s not forget what a significant role these women play in our lives.

I won’t be able to cook at home with my mom… but I might send her something special… :-)

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