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May 17, 2016
Elderflower Syrup

May is here!!!

Spring is in the air! Nature is blooming and alive all around us… the flowers… the birds… the bees… You know!

This spring, I would like to show you a way to capture all of this beauty and all of these lovely smells… and keep them all year round. This might remind you a little of the story “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind… but don’t worry you won’t have to kill anyone if you follow my recipe!

If you walk in the woods this time of year, you will come across a bush in full bloom. Small, white, beautiful flowers that smell heavenly. Just look at the pictures to see for yourselves!


It is called an Elderflower bush or Sambucus.


The extract made from the flower or the fruit of this bush is the best medicine to take for the flu or even for herpes.



I thought we could take the flower and make a syrup out of it! Then we can dilute the elderflower syrup in some ice cold water and create a wonderful beverage. You won’t believe how aromatic it is! It is the perfect refreshment for the hot summer days.



Of course you can also spike it up with a little vodka, some lemon and ice to create a delicious cocktail that you can enjoy in the evenings…

You might find it interesting to know that you can capture the essence of any other flower you like. It’s amazing!


Jasmine, lavender, roses…. or even a combination of all of them!

Follow the recipe to make Elderflower Syrup and impress everyone with your creations!






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