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November 20, 2014
My travel cooking show experience at Lake Kaiafas

What an amazing experience this episode at Lake Kaiafa was for me. Working with children is difficult but also exciting and challenging! I bonded with them quickly.  It actually wasn’t that long ago when I was a kid on vacation getting up to mischief with my own friends… We still get together with my friends and reminisce about old times that move us and also make us laugh.

On this episode we made a lot of great recipes that I’d like to share with you!

Corn Dogs... When I first tasted a corn dog I was so impressed and I didn’t know how they made the delicious dough that was wrapped around the frankfurter! When I started to research it I discovered that it was not exactly a dough that was used to wrap the frankfurter but a type of “porridge” that the frankfurters were dipped in… The cornmeal really gives it its characteristic flavor!

Mac 'n' Cheese… Macaroni and cheese please! Not your average macaroni. So delicious, rich, creamy and cheesy….

Banana Pancakes.. I can’t begin even begin to praise this recipe enough! It is one of my favorites especially when I want to make a quick and tasty breakfast! The bananas caramelize so beautifully in the pan and add such a delicious flavor!

And how about some Jello Fruit Slices!!!

These are all great recipes that you can share with your children and your friends and offer them some great flavors all the way from Lake Kaiafas….

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