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November 11, 2014
My travel cooking show experience in Messologgi


I didn’t really know much about this city before I went there… In school I had heard about the siege during the Greek War of Independence, the death of poet Lord Byron. I also knew quite a bit about fish roe of course but had no idea as to how it was made!

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting too much…

Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised when you least expect it!

I will never tire of saying about how many wonderful, unique and amazing people I have met up until now while shooting my show “The List”. As well as how much help I received from complete and total strangers… that soon became friends…

Shootings are generally very difficult and tiring… What I didn’t know when I started off on this journey is that we basically have to chase the sun and the light! Which meant that we all had to be up and ready at 6 in the morning and that our best friends were the weather forecasters!

It is really quite an experience to have to move as quickly as possible to try to get all the scenes you want done before the sun sets. A whole crew running around to try to catch something that is so “uncatchable”!

Messologgi really impressed me… It is a city where everything revolves around fishing and water…

The homes that are now considered vacation homes on the salt lake, in the past housed the people who used to make fish roe and salt cured fish. They would stay there for the months they were working.  

It looks like a whole different world and it is quite a “foreign” scene compared to other places in Greece. These homes on the salt lake remind you more of houses on the bayou in Louisiana!  

As far as the fish roe goes… In Athens it is considered something special and “gourmet” , expensive and not often served. In Messologgi it is completely the opposite! They serve it everywhere in the city and quite often as an appetizer.

This is no surprise because it certainly is delicious! I saw how they make it, how the raw material is handled and it is very impressive!

I met fishermen, children who are trying to make a difference.. People with dreams and will..

Messologgi will certainly remain in my heart. The light cast on this city, especially at dawn is truly magical… You can see it in the pictures!

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