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March 21, 2017
Fasting for Lent...

Lent is one of the oldest fasts and it is also ecumenical since it was proclaimed as a Fast from the first ecumenical meeting along with the Fasts of Wednesday and Friday! It is a difficult Fast and quite a long one since it lasts for almost 50 days and not 40 which most of us know about.

Olive oil and wine apart from Wednesday and Friday! Absolutely no dairy is allowed and fish is only allowed on the 25th of March. Since we are talking about Lent and Fasting, I’d like to say that our subscribers are in great need of tasty and healthy recipes. I bring this up because: First of all most of us do not eat properly during this period; and I’m not talking about the lack of animal proteins which can easily be substituted with beans and rice… The problem is that we consume too much bread, too much pasta, many carbohydrates and also too much sugar since it is in the traditional halvah that is eaten in large amounts these days or too much salt which is in the traditional egg roe dip we all love!

It is very important that we eat right and in a healthy manner during fasting…. more seafood like octopus and also a generous amount of salads and beans! Vinegar is also very beneficial for our organisms and we should add it to our diet at this time…

Tradition is almost always wise… it has incorporated vinegar in most of the recipes for Lent… How else can we make any kind of pickled foods without vinegar, how can we eat octopus without vinegar and what better combination could there be than a salad with lettuce, spring onions, dill and vinegar…

I have some great recipes with vinegar that will drive you wild!

The first recipe is for an amazing octopus… Traditional but with a little twist that really makes for an interesting dish…

Octopus in White Wine and Eggplant Puree

The best pickled vegetables…

Pickled Vegetables

Another octopus... a spring octopus! 

Octopus in Orange Sauce

And the classic dish... Lentil Soup that cannot be served without vinegar!

Lentil Soup

These are all the goodies I have for you for now! Take a look at some more great recipes for Fasting here.


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