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August 25, 2016
The Art of boiling an egg!

World Egg Day! 

World Egg Day is a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world. In honor of this day, I thought I would let you know everything you need to boil the perfect egg! 


How many times have you tried to achieve the perfect boiled egg but can never quite get it right?


In order for your eggs to not crack open while boiling, both the egg and the water need to be at room temperature. The heating process needs to happen gradually. It also helps if you place them in the pot… gently… so they don’t crack from the get go!

If you are boiling many eggs at once, you should always arrange them in the pot in one layer and it helps to place a kitchen towel on the bottom of the pot.

But when are eggs boiled perfectly according to our preferences? Hard boiled, soft boiled.. etc?

I have all the information you need! I figured the exact texture of the egg at various boiling points. All you have to do is choose what type you like and count the minutes from the time the water starts to boil.

In this way, you can have perfectly boiled eggs… every time!!

So let’s start boiling!!


At 3 minutes, the white has not thickened and either has the yolk. It’s very soft boiled.

At 5 minutes, the white has almost thickened but the yolk is still soft, especially at the center.

At 6 minutes, the white has thickened and the yolk has started to thicken completely.

At 8 minutes, the yolk still has a few soft spots.

At 9 minutes, the yolk has started to harden.

At 11, 12 and 13 minutes, the egg is completely hard boiled.

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