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March 6, 2015
Happy Birthday!!!

It was my birthday 2 days ago….!!  I’m getting older, I know… but what could be better than to spend your birthday with people who truly care about you and love you?

But I want to share some of these moments with you since my day was full of surprises!!!

My day started off great! As soon as I got to Kitchen Lab, I found lots of presents from my team and instead of a cake they surprised me with a special creation they made… Strawberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting! It was the best present I could have gotten!  


Our day continued with a lot of work and testing recipes, which I will share with you very soon!


And in the evening… we all celebrated in a little tavern with special friends and coworkers and there, I got my second surprise of the day!


It was a very special birthday cake that I don’t think any of you have ever eaten one that is even close! It was a giant cake that was made to look like a giant pot full of pasta! In reality it was pasta made out of sugar paste, meatballs made out of hazelnut pralines and pasta sauce made out of strawberry marmalade! At this point I would like to personally thank Josphine Peggou who was in charge of my cake! It was as delicious on the inside as it was on the outside!!!



Thank you all sooooo much!!! You made this day so very special for me and I am truly grateful! 31 and going strong!


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