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May 28, 2016
Happy Burger Day!

May 28th is International Hamburger Day! The hamburger is celebrating! So I decided to honor it by telling you a short story on how it happened to become one of our most favorite foods! It all started back in faraway Mongolia….

It is the time of Genghis Khan. In the 1300’s he discovered a unique way to make meat softer. He placed it between the saddle and the horse’s body and let the vibrations do their job! A few years later, the saddle and the horse were replaced by 2 buns that “hugged” the burger.

It is said that this first happened in 1885, when Charlie Nagreen decided to make money by selling meatballs in between two slices of bread at a fair win Washington. This later changed, for practical reasons. He made the meatballs flatter, thus bringing the hamburger closer to its present day shape! What does this story tell us about the shape of the burger?

The burger was given its completely round shape in 1916! This inspiration came to chef Walter Anderson. Five years after his very special “invention”, he opened up the first hamburger house in Kansas.

And what about Europe? The hamburger recipe first stepped foot on to European soil thanks to the Russians. It made its way to Hamburg, Germany in the 19th century and as you might have guessed… where it also got its name!  (Hamburg => Hamburger).

The great love and preference for the hamburger says to have exploded with the arrival of the first cars. You see, the need for food while travelling could easily be covered by hamburgers, which (rightfully) began gaining ground.

The simple form of the hamburger (bun-burger-bun) has been expanded and there are so many variations that promise to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

Their basic ingredient? Imagination of course! Imagination that pushes us to discovering new, innovative combinations for hamburgers that are so flavorful and aromatic (yes… and full of calories!).

Next I have selected some of my favorite, traditional and original recipes:

The classic... Burger!

Super Veggie Burgers

Portobello Turkey Burgers

Light Burger

Ultimate Tuna Burger

Sweet Potato Burgers

Cod Fish Burger

All you have to do is choose your favorite recipes and throw a fabulous Burger Party-Contest with your friends. The winner will be the one who not only makes the most delicious burger but that will serve it in the most presentable manner!!

Waiting for all of your great pictures from your own Burger Day Celebration!!

Have fun and be creative!!


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