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May 9, 2015
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Every second Sunday in May, is dedicated to all Mothers! 

How many movies and how many songs have been written for mothers? Countless.. and with good reason, since mothers play such a significant role in our lives from the moment we are born!

All mothers, but especially the more traditional mothers, are the ones who still look at you as if you are a child and always want to spoil you, no matter how much you’ve grown!

She’s the one that cooks up a storm when expecting company at home. There is a whole table full of different foods and sweets and she says she just whipped up a few things….!!

She is the one that spends most of the day in the kitchen, surprising her children and family with all of their favorite foods and treats!

How could we possibly say Thank You and show our appreciation to this woman who gave us life and has gone through so much for us?

Whatever we do for her on this day could never be enough to even come close to all the endless, unlimited and unconditional love she gives every single day.

A nice idea would be for you to cook for her for once and she can just rest and enjoy!

Flowers are of course the classic gift on this day! Get her a single carnation which is the flower that symbolizes Mother’s Day, because its white color symbolizes the truth, purity and compassion of motherly love!

You can start early in the day and surprise her with a rich and filling breakfast made by you! There are lots of variations and choices but in my opinion, eggs, pancakes and smoothies could not be missing from a proper breakfast spread!



A healthy and nutritional Cocoa Banana Smoothie, since the weather is becoming warmer. It is the best drink to start her day!




Next, I suggest you make Salmon Scrambled Eggs, which is tasty, packed with energy and perfectly suited for a special day like this!




Pancakes could not be missing from the table! I suggest you make the basic Pancake recipe and serve them with all her favorite ingredients! You can serve them with blueberries, cranberries, peanut butter, honey, ice cream and chocolate! Your choices are endless when it comes to pancakes!  




For a super surprise ending… I highly recommend a Berry Chocolate Pavlova!! I made this exact torte for my mom! Trust me, she’ll LOVE IT! You can decorate it any way you like and you can add a sweet message for her!





And don’t forget! It’s HER day!! Spoil her!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mothers!




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