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February 13, 2015
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

A little history….

Traditionally, St. Valentine is known as the protector of couples in love! In reality, February 14th is the day this saint died, at Via Flaminia south of Rome.

There’s a little uncertainty around his death and quite a few different versions of the story. The most well-known story is that Christian couples who were in love would come to him so he could marry them. This was considered a crime in the 3rd century and so Emperor Claudius condemned him to death by stoning.

So, February 14th was officially made the day of love!

And what greater love than the love of food?!

You don’t need much in order to spend this special evening with your significant other! A nice dinner, cooked by you, a romantic atmosphere and a good mood is enough!

So you don’t find yourselves unprepared on this special day, I’m offering a delicious menu that will put an extra spark in your sweetheart’s eyes!

A refreshing Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail is the best drink to set off a wonderful evening! Refreshing and erotic… exactly what you need to break the ice…!

This of course has to be combined with some Salmon Gravlax with crackers, to help your taste buds take off and get your appetite going!

For an entree, you can serve a light and hot Leek and Potato Velvet Soup! It’s delicious and will heat up the atmosphere…

I’ve left the best for the main course! Tuna and Vodka Farfalle… This will easily and quickly impress your sweetheart!

And for the grand finale, chocolate would definitely have to be on the menu! The absolute desert… a Triple Chocolate Tart, that melts in your mouth! Add a scoop of ice cream and complete your meal feeling that it was a total success!

At this point, don’t forget that your sweetheart will fall in love with you with the first sip! So, no need for any stress... savor your desert… play some nice music and enjoy your evening!

Don’t forget; the way to a man’s (or a woman’s!) heart is through his (or her!) stomach, so try your best!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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