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April 30, 2015
It’s Picnic Time!!

Everything you need to know to plan the perfect picnic!

Depending on where you live in the world, picnic season may come earlier or later in the year. Since I live in Greece, the weather is now perfect for going on a picnic. The “official” picnic day here is the 1st of May! It is a holiday, similar to Labor Day, celebrating spring.

In Ancient Greece, this day was dedicated to the Goddess of agriculture, Demeter and her daughter Persephone who was taken in to the under-world by Hades. The day she comes back to Earth from Hades, brought the blooming of nature and the birth of summer.

The tradition today is to decorate the front door of your house with a flower wreath, made from various flowers that are hand-picked and knitted together.

What could be nicer and more fun than going on a picnic among all of this flowering and blooming in nature! I thought I could help you plan the perfect picnic with these 5 basic steps.


1.     Plan a menu that is easy but not boring! You want everyone really enjoying everything you bring. Try to make the right amount of finger food, depending on how many of you there are. You want everyone to get their fill but you don’t want any leftovers!

One of the best choices for a picnic are meatballs! They are small… not messy and can be eaten cold! The great thing is that there are so many types of meatballs to choose from! There is no such thing as a plain meatball! Try making Baked Spicy Chicken Meat Balls and Lamb Feta and Olive Meat Balls. Use your imagination and come up with your own favorite combinations!

You can also make Mini Savory Kourou Pies, Chicken and Cheese Bread Puffs, Quick Sausage Rolls, and Oven Baked Corn Dogs!







Don’t forget the dessert! You should choose something that is easy to eat and not messy. Jam Filled Muffins, Chocolate and Pear Muffins, Chocolate and Vanilla Sandwich Cookies and Chocolate Wafers! Everyone will go wild!






2.     Apart from food you also need to pack the right kind of drinks or beverages. Chill your choice of drinks from the night before. Pack them in coolers and bring extra ice packs along to make sure you can keep the drinks cool for a long time.

You may want to enjoy a nice wine along with your meal. I suggest you pack it in ice cubes. Bring along extra ice cubes since you can never have too much ice!

Some other interesting drinks you might want to try are…  Spicy Lemonade with Rum for the grown-ups or Gingered Chocolate Viennois for the kids. You can make it the night before the picnic.




3. I know that what you are going to eat and drink are a priority but you shouldn’t forget the other things you are going to need to set everything up right! The most important thing you will need is a large blanket or tablecloth to lay all of the food on. Since all of the food is finger food, which means you will be eating with your hands, you will definitely need a good hand sanitizer before you dig in! Pack some plastic cups for the drinks, napkins or disposable wet towels and any utensils you think might be necessary.


4. Don’t forget to organize some game for the kids or you can even bring along some board games that everyone can enjoy together. I also suggest you bring a couple of pillows, just in case someone gets sleepy after enjoying all of the goodies or even to comfortably lay back and relax. Nature is great for games and activities as well as relaxation. Enjoy yourselves any way you like!


5. What to avoid: Foods that are difficult to transfer or carry, foods that can spoil easily, melt or are extremely messy… like chocolate ice cream!! You should also choose foods that are lighter on the stomach rather than heavier foods, especially if you will be under the hot sun.



Choose your company wisely! Fun loving, easy going friends or family and children that get along so that you can enjoy a wonderful and relaxing day!

Have a great time and Happy 1st of May!


P.S We don’t feel we need to remind you not to litter the environment!

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