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April 4, 2016
Indian cuisine! A different type of gastronomical destination (part1)

For some, India is a magical, exotic destination…

For others, it is an experience or a lifelong dream…

and certainly for others, like myself, it is a different gastronomical destination… full of spices and aromas… spicy food and a tradition in street food.


This magic that Indian cuisine offers has influenced chefs for years, as they have tried to incorporate it in to the western culture and taste palate. The spiciness and the spices used, such as turmeric or curry to accompany their sauces, chicken or rice.



Fusion cooking has taken us by storm! So I would like to offer some of my own favorite recipes inspired from the Indian cuisine!


Give your chicken a spicy new look! Try making Tandoori Chicken where you basically have to focus on the marinade, whose main ingredient is garam masala. Garam masala comes in many varieties from all over India. Serve this dish with homemade pita bread and you are in for a treat!


Tandoori Chicken


Another well-known Indian dish is Biryani. Biryani is a dish reserved for very special occasions, like weddings, when children are born or at large family gatherings.


It is made with rice and the way the meat is cooked is exceptional! Usually Chicken Biryani needs a long time to cook and a lot of pots and pans! But I’ve tried to make it as simple to make as possible, without losing any of the flavor!


Biryani Chicken


You might also have heard of Chicken Korma. This is one of my all-time favorites! The aromatic and delicious combination of coconut milk, almond slivers and the freshness of the parsley is truly wonderful!


Chicken Korma


Another chicken recipe that will certainly impress your taste buds, especially those of you who love the heat of spicy foods… is my Indian Style Chicken Thighs with Sauce Chien. The combination of spicy and refreshing tastes in this dish will feel the enchantment of India!


Chicken Thighs with chien sauce


I thought I would bring these Indian chicken dishes to an end… with a classic Indian dish.. which also happens to be my favorite…. Chicken Curry! Chicken with curry, soy sauce, honey and cashews! An unbeatable combination that you absolutely should not miss!


Chicken Carry


Now, after all of this spice, you might be looking for something a little refreshing for your palate! I thought you might like a different version of the Kulfi ice cream. An Indian-Greek fusion, Pistachio Ice Creamwith real Greek pistachio nuts that come from the island of Aegina! You can of course use pistachios from other cultures!


Pistachio ice cream


And to finish off… I couldn’t leave out the taste of street food with these sensational Samosas!  


Crunchy triangles filled with vegetables, ground pork, peas and a variety of well-balanced spices that you will absolutely adore! Don’t forget to serve them with my colorful yogurt sauces to make the experience complete.




This is the first part of this quick gastronomical trip I planned for you.


If you have ever visited India in person and have tasted real Indian cooking, please… please send me your pictures of all the magnificent places you visited and all of the wonderful dishes and desserts you were lucky enough to see and taste!


Let me know what other Indian recipes you would like to see in the second part of our journey!


And don’t forget…. Travelling adds a lot of spice to life! 

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