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February 10, 2015

February… the month of love and… chocolate!

There are endless recipes and endless combinations for chocolate truffles…

Who says you can’t make your own?!

Make these sinful velvety truffles on your own! They will make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! You can even give them as presents to friends or enjoy them with a drink or a cup of coffee!

You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to make them yourself. Use just a little of your creative inspiration and decorate them with your own unique style!

Everyone has their own way of making truffles and each person chooses their favorite flavors.. So I’ve chosen 5 different and special recipes to share with you!

Let’s begin with Basic Truffles, which have very rich chocolaty flavors and literally melt in your mouth…

Now, if you’re a nut lover, why not try making Pistachio & Almond Liqueur Truffles! They are as delicious as they sound…

A favorite combination of mine is chocolate with coffee. This is why I chose to show you how to make Coffee Truffles! Adding a bit of coffee in our mixture will completely enhance the taste! You can also sprinkle the truffles with some cocoa powder to achieve the same result!

A little more playful and unusual combination than you may be used to is, Almond Brittle Truffles! You will feel the caramel from the liqueur and the praline paste melt in your mouth…

For those of you with bolder taste buds and those of you who like to blend and play with different tastes, I’ve saved the Chocolate & Salt Truffles! Try this special combination and allow yourselves to be impressed by how well salt blends with chocolate…

And, my personal advice for Valentine’s Day?

Cook and fall in love!!!

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