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April 24, 2015
More food testing at Kitchen Lab!

I chose another 4 recipes that you sent in that piqued my interest! Thank you for all your love, support and participation!

Let’s begin… Some of the recipes are sweet, some savory, others for breakfast, another is an interesting dessert and another makes for a quick and easy dinner for your family or friends.

I made a choice for all tastes that can be made any time of day. I hope you like my choice.

This recipe is made with specific vegetables but I’m sure that you can add anything else you may have in your fridge!

Since summer is coming and the beach is beckoning.. let’s begin with some wonderful meatball burgers. The recipe was sent in by “Maristella Protopapa” and the difference is that they have no meat in them! They actually hardly even have any oil in them and of course no butter plus they are cooked in the oven!



The next recipe was sent in by VASO FALETA. Potatoes au gratin.

An au gratin dish is cooked under very high heat that creates a crust on the surface. It usually has cheese on top or a béchamel sauce. Something that can melt and can turn golden.

In Vaso’s case we have an au gratin with a wonderful béchamel sauce over vegetables…

A dish that has quite a few calories but not many fats. An excellent dish for the whole family or for an evening with friends.

You can’t really eat it cold. If you prepare it, put it in small baking pans and store it in the freezer, you can have it ready any day you feel like eating it and just bake it in the oven.


The third recipe….  cinnamon rolls sent in by “ELENI KIRIAKIDOY”.

Perfect for a great breakfast or an afternoon sweet snack alongside your coffee or for the kids when they get home from school!

Wonderfully cinnamon, wonderfully soft… amazing! You can store these in the freezer also and bake them for a few minutes when you are ready to serve them!


The fourth and final recipe is a very interesting and unique cake by “PANAGIOTIS THEODORITSIS”.

Apart from the fact that this is an interesting cake recipe on its own, the ingredients he uses and the way he prepares it are also interesting as well as the wonderful glaze he makes…. lemony and full of aromas from all the spices that he uses. Personally, I like an even more intense aroma!! But that’s my personal taste!

I made it in a 26 cm round baking pan but you can easily bake it in smaller rectangular baking pans that you can store in the freezer and defrost them when you want to enjoy this cake!  



I don’t know why I’m giving you so much information on how to store the goodies that you make. Maybe because I consider household economy to be one of the most important things in our days. It’s important not to throw food away and we should start thinking smart so that we can achieve a greater economy in the kitchen.   

I will be sharing more of your recipes…. Don’t forget that you can save all of your favorite recipes in your Personal Cookbook!

Happy Cooking!

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