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July 17, 2015
Summer Cherry Jubilee!

“Life is just a bowl of cherries!!”  and I have so many wonderful recipes with cherries for you that you will be enjoying much more than just a bowlful!! 

Cherries have been a part of people’s diets for thousands of years… The Greek philosopher Theophrastus had mentioned them in his writings from 300 BC and the ancient Greeks knew of them even earlier.


The cherry tree made its way to Europe from the area of Kerasounta which is close to the Black Sea. This is where its name comes from. It is based on the Greek word “kerasos”, turned Latin “ceresia”… French “cherise” and finally became cherry in English!

The most cherries in the world are still produced in this area which is modern day Turkey. Cherries are one of our most favored fruits…

They are red, firm, juicy and very summery!

Take advantage of this delicious fruit while they are still in season!

Let’s start off by learning how to pit our cherries quickly and easily without any special equipment!


Do not throw your pits away! You can make a liquer with them!

I’m quite sure that many of you have a whole bunch of cherries you don’t know what to do with; I will recommend that you make a Cherry Wine with them. You can offer it to your guests and it will last all year round!



Another great idea is Pickled Cherries! That’s right! They are not hard to make and they go very nicely with a variety of cheeses and cold cuts. Perfect for an appetizer!



If you are a jam lover, this is the perfect chance to make your own homemade Cherry and Sweet Black Wine Jam or Cherry and Rose Jam! Spread it on a slice of crunchy bread with some butter . It will become your favorite jam for breakfast!






For those of you who want something cold and refreshing.. try a Cherry Sundae! The sundae is the all-time classic sweet which is essentially a mixture of ice cream, cherries and whipped cream!



And of course we have something special for the kids! They will just love these Cherry Popsicles! All natural and healthy to eat… and quick and easy to make! It is the perfect refreshing sweet snack for them and for you!



Now.. for those of you lucky enough to be vacationing somewhere warm and beautiful with a stunning view of the sea… I could recommend nothing less than Cherry Pancakes or the traditional seasonal countryside French sweet… a Cherry Clafoutis!



This sweet is made in France regularly. The older generation didn’t pit their cherries before they made this dessert. This is because the cherry pits released a light but very unique aroma when baked.



Chocolate and cherries is another perfect combination, so make some of these scrumptious Chocolate and Cherry Brownies! It’s the perfect sweet for that summer sweet tooth! Add a scoop of ice cream and your taste buds will literally take off!



So, off you go to take advantage of all those ripe, juicy, delicious cherries while they are at their best! I hope I gave you some interesting ideas and you try out some of these lovely cherry recipes!










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