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September 30, 2015
Welcome Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is the largest celebration of beer which takes place every year and lasts 2 weeks, starting from mid to late September and ending the first weekend of October.


It was established 2 centuries ago, around 1810 in Monaco, where the celebration took place to honor the wedding of Ludwig the 1st of Bavaria.  It quickly spread to smaller areas and villages of Germany.


It is such a traditional and popular festival that it hosts over 6 million visitors, 15% travelling from the rest of Europe and other countries.


It is a festival full of various events, tourist attractions, traditional Bavarian costumes, characteristic dishes such as würstl sausages, bretzels (pretzels), sauerkraut, reiberdatschi (potato pancakes) and what else? Of course what no good beer festival could be without… an endless variation of any kind of beer you could think of… blonde, red, brown, black, ales, lagers… They have it all!!




More than 7.5 million liters of beer are consumed during this time. The local breweries set up huge tents that can easily hold 3000 people at a time, in order to accommodate their thirsty visitors!


I was inspired by Oktoberfest and decided to create some of my own recipes in its honor! For those of you who can’t actually go to this festival but would like to celebrate it and share some of its tastes, I urge you to try these recipes immediately!


Start off with the Green Potato Salad which will only take 30 minutes to make. You will truly enjoy the taste and aromas of all of the herbs and apple cider vinegar.





This next recipe will remind you of the authentic traditional Oktoberfest! It is none other than my favorite Oven Baked Corn Dogs. You will impress friends and family with their exceptional taste and their classic way of serving them on a stick!


Corn Dogs


You will also be asking for seconds and thirds when you try the Roast Glazed Ham that is made with fresh orange juice with peppery notes. It is perfect for a main dish.


Ψητό Χορινό Μπούτι


Next up, I have 2 dishes whose main ingredient is the potato and would drive even the most demanding Bavarians wild!

Potato Scones with Feta and Poached Eggs and Potato Pancakes.

Serve the potato scones on hot plates, top with prosciutto and chives and garnish with your choice of herbs or even some yogurt.




Pancakes Πατάτας


You know I had to save a recipe made with Oktoberfest’s most beloved ingredient… beer!

I created a Brown Beer and Yogurt Cake for dessert. This cake is quite unique and it will be a nice way to bring your festive October dinner to a sweet end.


Kέικ με μαύρη μπύρα


Waiting for you to send me all of your ideas and creative recipes. I will try them out in my test kitchen by October 4th when this year’s Oktoberfest ends.


Take care! Bye!

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