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October 13, 2015
“Do it like Akis!”

“Come hang out at a shoot!” they said…  “It will be fun!” they said…  “It will be cool and we’ll have sandwiches too!” they said…

That’s sort of how another season began for the show “Do it like Akis!” on Mega channel.

Starting from Monday, October 12th we offer a TV rendezvous every day where we have a different menu with delicious, mouthwatering recipes, daily!

This year’s show has a new concept! There will be a special guest on each episode… a professional or student chef! Our guest will prepare a second recipe for the show and we will cook all the fresh and amazing recipes together!

Our goal -  super easy recipes for delicious dishes!

So tune in and cook with us on “Do it like Akis!” every afternoon at 4.30 pm! 

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