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November 25, 2016
White Brown and Dark Brown..... SUGAR!

White, brown or dark brown sugar… which one do you prefer and why?

I had gone out for coffee one day and one of my friends in the group ordered a coffee with brown sugar.

When I asked him why he preferred brown sugar, he told me that he was watching his diet….

That set off a huge conversation and a few more “myths” fell like a house of cards…

So! Those of you who believe that brown sugar is healthier… raise your hands!!

Oh… I see too many hands raised.. and I don’t like it one bit!! J

Let’s take a look at how sugar is made and I will explain everything!

First of all sugarcane, sugar beets or other very sweet plants are collected and cut into pieces… and then begins a process in large factories, in order to extract the sugar from these sweet plants and add it to water.

This water is heated and continuously condensed or concentrated. When finally sugar crystals begin to form, they are placed in large barrels and sent to a rapidly spinning centrifuge to form pure sugar crystals…

These crystals are then sent off to undergo another process which extracts all the molasses.. until all that remains is white sugar… which contains 400 calories per 100 g….

Brown sugar is made in 2 different ways. Either all of the molasses is not extracted, so it remains brown… or.. if you want better results in crystallization… the molasses is added back in to the white sugar.. to make brown sugar! 387 calories per 100 g.

Dark brown sugar simply contains more molasses, which is why it is also more moist… It has about the same amount of calories as white or brown sugar.

Molasses contains vitamins and minerals… That is a good thing. On the flip side though, the amount of molasses in brown or dark brown sugar is miniscule (5%-10%). In order to reap the benefits of molasses through sugar you would half to eat around a kilo!

The processing of brown or dark brown sugar make them even more “artificial” than granulated white sugar. This is where you need to be a little more careful in your choices and read the labels carefully.

So! Let’s put it all together now…

1. All 3 types of sugar have a similar amount of calories unless the brown or dark brown sugar is processed or refined... Then they become even more “artificial” than regular white granulated sugar. We can only get these vitamins from brown or dark brown sugar if we eat them by the kilos!

2. All 3 types of sugar cause tooth decay and are harmful for those suffering from diabetes….

As you can see… the choice is all yours!!! 

Just please don’t let me hear anyone say that brown sugar has fewer calories or that it is healthier because I’m going to lose it! J

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